Like your very own emoji, stamps can be funny, tell people how you feel, or just make something plain look a little more pretty. These easy stamp crafts range from super simple to more involved, but all will allow your little to make his or her mark.


A Humble Potato Stamp

The craft mavens at Brit+Co can make even a lowly tuber look totally cool. Follow these super simple instructions, but be sure to click over to their post for some major design inspiration.

1. Cut the potatoes in half.

2. Place each half face down on a towel or paper towel to reduce the moisture.

3. Draw a design on the face of your potato.

4. Trace the design using your Exacto knife, cutting approximately a 1/4 inch deep.

5. Using the chef’s knife, cut a 1/4 inch around the rim of the potato making sure not to cut through the designed area.

6. Remove the cut section.

7. Apply paint to the design.

8. Push firmly to stamp your craft paper.

A Pro Rubber Stamp
Unlike their potato counterparts, these sturdy creations will last forever, so make sure your design is extra special. For guaranteed good results, go with this super cool Carve-a-Stamp-Kit from San Francisco’s Yellow Owl Workshop. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and every thing you need from blades to templates to ink pads.

A Pretty Button-and-Cork Stamp
This simple method requires no knives, cutting or even designing. Just dig through a pretty button collection to find a few with lovely three-dimensional designs. Use a hot glue gun to stick em to the end of a wine cork and start stamping! 

Do you have other DIY stamp ideas? Let us know in the comments below! 


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