So when exactly is the best time to go thrift shopping? Apparently, right now! With the popularity of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, an influx of donations have flooded thrift stores around the country. And that means—in the words of Macklemore—it’s time to “pop some tags.”

The “Marie Kondo effect” has made a legit mark on thrift store shopping. As people across the country have joined in on the craze to pare down only to what sparks joy, the number of donation items is dramatically increasing. Kondo’s “KonMari” method of minimalism makes pruning your hoarder-esque stash easy.

Instead of weighing the benefits that keeping the bag of toddler clothes your now-teenager will never need again, hold the items in your hands. Do they “spark joy?” If so, keep ’em.

But if the spark just doesn’t happen, they’re gone.

And where do all those non-joy-sparking items go? According to Amy Lyons, a spokesperson for Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, they’re going to the thrift store. Lyons told TODAY, “Out of our eight stores that we do have, our nine donations centers, all but two of them currently have seen quite an increase from last year around this time, year to date.” Lyons isn’t completely sure that Kondo and her Netflix show have caused this upswing, but it’s a very real possibility.

While heading to the thrift shop to cash in on others’ purged possessions might seem to fly in the face of the KonMari method, there’s something to be said for scoring big deals on gently-used kids’ items and more.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Marie Kondo via Instagram



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