Ever dreamed of a portable ice cream cake? Thanks to Evermine, your foodie dreams are an easy recipe away. This mason jar ice cream cake is a cookie and cream delight, but we’re sure any flavor combination you choose will be just as great. Scroll down for the delicious recipe!


Serves 6-8

6-8 wide mouth mason jars with rings and lids
1 package of chocolate wafer cookies
½ cup butter
Cookie ice cream, softened
Chocolate cherry ice cream, softened
Dark chocolate fudge ice cream sauce

1. Reserve a few cookies for garnish. Grind the rest of the cookies in a food processor until you get a fine crumble.

2. Melt the butter and pour over cookie crumbs in a separate bowl.

3. As the mason jars are going to go in and out of the freezer now for each layer, I put them in a large-size muffin tin for ease. Spoon the cookie mix into the bottom of 6-8 mason jars (6 jars will have a thick crust and 8 jars will have a thin crust). Press the cookie mix firmly into the bottom of each mason jar and freeze.

4. Spread the cookie ice cream onto frozen crust and freeze.

5. Spread chocolate fudge sauce onto first layer of ice cream and freeze.

6. Spread chocolate cherry ice cream onto frozen chocolate sauce, screw lid on, and freeze.

7. Serve with a few cookies crumbled on top and a strong spoon.

Evermine makes personalized products that are homemade, home-brewed or handmade. Their blog, Evermine Occasions, is run by a community of creators who have awesome ideas on how to make your next party, baby shower or mealtime truly wow-worthy. Click here to read more.


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