Why You Should Grow Your Own Bacteria (It’s Science!)

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We’re all hearing about bacteria these days, but if your kiddos are having a hard time understanding the complexities, a new resource from Microban is here to help. PTOToday is partnering with Microban 24 to offer the Microban 24 24-Hour Science Experiment, an educational resource to teach kids about the bacteria that live all around us.

The online resource is perfect for teachers and parents and offers a boatload of free material. Designed to take the guesswork out of teaching, parents can find downloadable worksheets, memory games, word puzzles and even a virtual lab tour.

photo: Courtesy of Microban

The Microban 24 24-Hour Science Experiment was created in partnership with School Family Media, microbiologists and medical experts. Parents can access three age-based science experiments that teach kids about bacteria in ways––and there’s even an opportunity to grow your own bacteria!

Each experiment includes a guide, video and supply list. Afterwords, head out on a fun virtual field trip to a real microbiology lab!

Check out the fun new resource right here.

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Drew Hays via Unsplash



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