“I’ve got plenty of spare time!” said no parent, ever. From playtime to meals to baths, our days are packed with plenty of to-dos, so anything that saves us time and helps us stay organized is a welcome addition. 

Enter OneDrive, a busy parent’s best bet for keeping track of documents and photos all in one place. From family photos to school essays, OneDrive streamlines your virtual desktop and your real-life desktop into one neat, easy-to-access place to find the important files you need, right when you need them. No more struggling to find their latest report card, your favorite photo of Grandma, or your mortgage doc. 

Read on for our top five reasons busy parents need OneDrive in their lives. 

1. Save All Those Precious Works of Art 

Free up some space on your fridge and hold onto the memories, not the stuff, by scanning all those beautiful scribbles and saving them to OneDrive. Whether that’s to protect them from fading and spills or to create an archive they’ll treasure, you can also print whatever you want and easily share it with friends and family. 

We can’t guarantee you won’t still have a few dioramas around, but you’ll definitely reduce clutter and keep the images that mean the most to you and your kids for the long haul. Plus you know you can keep what’s important: OneDrive keeps your files protected and backed up. With your files in OneDrive, you don’t have to worry about losing them if something happens to your device.

2. Store Important Documents in One Safe, Secure Place 

Get organized and save time by storing your most important documents in one safe place. No more fumbling around files or a million desktop folders looking for your insurance documents or tax forms. Put all your documents on OneDrive and you’ll still be able to easily search by text.  

And don’t worry about the “oops” moments when you (or one of your kids) have deleted a file. You can undo accidental deletes and edits for up to 30 days.  

3. Simplify Collaboration for Family Events 

Whether it’s a wedding speech or your next vacation itinerary, OneDrive allows easy collaboration directly in documents. Just share the link with those who you want to weigh in and easily allow them to edit directly in the document, making it possible to coordinate across time zones and schedules.

You can even work with others on the same document at the same time with the latest Office desktop apps, mobile apps, or in Office Online, taking out the stress and putting some of the fun back into planning family events.

4. Keep Track of Each Child’s Progress & Growth 

Make a file for each child and keep their report cards, school forms, important health documents, and any assignments all in one, easy-to-find place. If you need your kids to stay on top of a school paper or you just want to see what the latest progress report is, keeping them in one simple place that can be accessed across a variety of devices will ensure they—and you—can find anything with a few quick clicks. 

5. Digital Nomad Like a Pro

Thinking about a change of scenery? If you work remotely, you’ll love that OneDrive lets you access and edit your files from all your devices, anywhere. Whether that means looking for a photo while you're in the pickup line or working from the cabin, OneDrive helps you stay organized from just about anywhere you’ll go. 


If you’re in the market for an easy solution to keep all of your important papers, colorful artwork, and treasured photos in one safe, secure place (because who isn’t?) you’ll find OneDrive the answer you’ve been looking for. Learn more at microsoft.com/OneDrive.


— Amber Guetebier

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