It’s a rainy day’s brightest (and most necessary) accessory but we’ve found a few uses for umbrellas new and old that will soon have you singing in the rain. From planters to an unexpected twist on a baby’s play-mat, scroll down to see our picks.

photo: Pretty Twinkle Party 

Easter Basket Umbrella 
Want to avoid yet another cheap-o basket that will fall apart before you even fill it with eggs? Try this awesome idea from Pretty Twinkle Party. It’s the perfect way to celebrate spring showers, too, or go on the hunt no matter the weather. Get the how-to and other stylish ideas from Pretty Twinkle Party here.

photo: Best Toys 4 Toddlers 

Under the Umbrella Sensory Play 
We couldn’t stop smiling when we say Best Toys 4 Toddler’s super cool sensory play idea. Keep baby stimulated and try something new with items you probably have hanging around the house, including a trusty umbrella. Visit BestToys4Toddlers to get the how-to and suggestions for making this activity fun and safe. You can even adapt it for toddlers by adding different items and laying under there to “find” the hidden treasures. 

photo: Studio DIY

DIY Fruit Slice Umbrella
You can walk down the street with a plain black umbrella like everyone else or you can bring a major ray of sunshine in a dreary world with these incredibly cute Fruit Slice Umbrellas from Studio DIY! It’s easier than you think and makes a great springtime project to stave off the rainy day blues. Puddle jumping photoshoots, anyone? Visit Studio DIY to get the step by step for each different one! 

photo: Miraslov Vajdic via flickr

Umbrella Planter
Want a little temporary garden bed that cries out for those May flowers? Use an old umbrella to make a precious little planter. Just be sure and use potting soil with lots of drainage (any average potting soil will do) and annual flowers that don’t need a ton of depth for roots: petunias, geraniums, sedum, marigolds, begonias, etc. 

photo: This Grandma Is Fun

Umbrella Wreath
Add a little cheer in the rainy months or any time of the year with this super sweet umbrella wreath from This Grandma Is Fun. Hang it on a door or right in your entry way. Click here to get the complete list of what you need to make this happen in your home.

photo: Mark’s Postcards from Beloit via flickr 

Umbrella Vase
Similar to the umbrella wreath above, this variation is vase meets planter. Use string or a large rubber band to help keep the umbrella partially closed before you add in the materials. Avoid putting too much soil in by using florist foam: a soakable styrofoam-like product available at craft stores, or use something lightweight and skinny like a plastic bottle. Mix in mosses and airplants along side long lasting branches like curly willow. We love the one pictured here from a fundraiser auction. 

photo: Tom Woodward via flickr

Drink Umbrella Wreath
Save those cocktail umbrellas for a rainy day craft that the kiddos can help with. You just need a round foam wreath and a mess of these babies to poke right in. Perfect for a summery feel, no matter the weather. Added bonus: ordering a few Pina Coladas to start your “collection.”

Have you tried something unexpected with an umbrella around your house? Share it with us in the comments below! 

—Amber Guetebier

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