The idea of ‘mom clothes’ makes us cringe. Visions of our own moms dance in our head, and although we love them dearly, their early ’90s style isn’t something we want to emulate (no offense, mom!). The good news? Moms are trendy now. The better news? Our shopping editor is a former personal stylist (as in, was paid to offer this kind of advice) and has rounded up a few absolute must-haves for any mom (or non-mom, of course).

Naturally, ‘must-have’ is subjective. But some pieces are classics that can be mixed and matched together and paired with whatever’s already in your closet. No matter what kind of mom you are, you’ll see exactly why these make sense for your wardrobe. Also, keep in mind that we also highly recommend leggings you love and jeans that are perfectly broken-in, so make sure to check out our posts that are fully dedicated to both of those!

The Perfect White Tee

There is nothing, and we mean nothing, more versatile than a white t-shirt when it comes to wardrobe basics. Crisp and structured enough to wear to work, soft and comfortable enough for the weekend. You also can’t go wrong with layers, and a white t-shirt is the foundation for hundreds, if not thousands, of different looks.

For Work: Wear your white tee under a blazer or classic cardigan. Try it with high-waisted pants, a skinny belt, and a pair of mules. Slip a classic button-down shirt on over a white t-shirt and leave the buttons open for more casual office days.

For the Weekend: If jeans were your first thought, you’d be on the money. Jeans and a white t-shirt will never go out of style. Throw it on over a not-as-casual sleeveless dress to transform it into a casual look.


Our Picks:


A Do-It-All Dress

Even if you’re not typically a dress-wearer, having at least one in your closet to reach for when you need it is a must. Date night, the office, BBQs, dance recitals—with the right dress, you can wear it over and over again (and if you style it right, no one will ever even know!). We learn toward solid colors, and classic, flattering fits, but the best dress is the one you feel your best wearing. So don’t shy away from prints, bold colors, or interesting details.

For Work: Flats or booties are your best friend when it comes to changing up your dress vibe. Add a wrap sweater or sleeveless cardigan for layering.

For Weekend: Swap the shoes! Just throw on some clean white sneakers and boom, casual dress. Pull on that white tee we mentioned or a sweatshirt or hoodie over it and change the whole look. Denim jacket or athletic zip-up? Easy, peasy.

woman wearing charcoal sleeveless dress
Unbound Merino

Our Picks:


A One-&-Done Jumpsuit

Maybe you’ve been resisting jumpsuits. Maybe you haven’t found one that really feels good when you wear it. It’s totally possible you have an idea of jumpsuits that makes you cringe. All totally understandable, but we’re here to change your mind. A one-and-done outfit is a seriously valuable piece in any wardrobe, especially when it’s highly versatile. We’ll be giving you some jumpsuit options that really go the distance and can be worn in a bunch of different ways, no matter what kind of hurry you’re in. Solid colors really are your bff here, but we’ll never tell you that you have to stick with a specific color or print (or lack thereof!). Open your mind to jumpsuits and we’ll guide you on this new journey.

For Work: Depending on the sleeve length of your jumpsuit (pick the one that feels the best and don’t necessarily sweat the seasonality—layers are always an option), a cropped blazer is a great option for taller folks. If you’re on the petite side, a belted blazer helps to shape and define your waist, so no blocky jumpsuit silhouettes here! Add booties or chunky loafers.

For Weekend: Sneakers. Sandals. For a quick throw-on-and-go option, literally just throw on that jumpsuit and head out the door. Want to add a little more styling to it? Reach for a denim jacket and a pair of lug boots, or add some fun jewelry and strappy heels for a night out. It couldn’t be easier.

woman leaning against a wall wearing a tan short sleeve jumpsuit

Our Picks:


A Transitional Sweater

Summer to fall, winter to spring—sweaters are a solid closet staple. And while we love trending pullovers that are perfect for each season, it’s the in-between weather that gets us every time. Make sure you have a versatile not-too-heavy, not-too-light sweater at your fingertips.

For Work: Over a button-down. With a dress (seriously, just layer it right over). With a cute neck scarf and tailored trousers.

For Weekend: Add it to the jumpsuit we just talked about. Layer it with a printed tee. Leggings and boots? Instant outfit.

woman standing in tan sweater and denim shorts

Our Picks:


A Statement-Making Vintage Tee

This one is super fun. Literally any t-shirt that makes a statement is the one for you, but what we mean is one that’s crazy soft, that fits you just the way you want it to, and that gives you a little edgy pep in your step.

For Work: Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re sticking with the appropriateness of of your specific office, so use your best discretion But, if it’s an environment that’ll let you rock a tee, add the blazer we can’t stop talking about, and make sure you tuck your t-shirt in for a more put-together look. If jeans are okay, we won’t object, but we actually like the idea of a pencil skirt or straight-leg pants. Don’t forget a belt!

For Weekend: There is literally no way to casually wear a t-shirt, but consider mixing it up with colored jeans, wear it under overalls or a jumper (they’re back, btw)…it’s a favorite because you can match it with so much.

Our Picks:

Pebby Forevee

Our Picks:


The Boyfriend Blazer

Unless your office is business-formal, we’re rapidly moving away from tailored blazers (unless you’re into that, in which case, keep doing it!) and into a more relaxed vibe of boyfriend blazers. Slightly oversized, it’s less about being swallowed up and more about moving with ease and rolling the sleeves. A blazer just pulls everything together, so even if you’re in the most casual outfit ever, adding a boyfriend blazer elevates it in a snap.

For Work & For Weekend: This is the blazer we’ve been talking about to pair with absolutely everything on this list!

Cicy Bell on Amazon

Our Picks:


Comfortable & Crisp White Sneakers

We’re in love with the fact that real comfortable sneakers are trending, and no color or style is more on-trend than the perfect white sneaker. There’s really no way to go wrong here, but we’re loving a more athletic, higher profile style at the moment. No matter what you choose, the number one thing (aside from comfort, which is the most important!) is to keep them clean. Give them a quick wipe-down after wearing them to keep them looking sharp.

For Work: Casual Friday = white sneakers with everything! Or, depending on the type of workplace you’re in, you can replace those pumps with white sneakers that really go the distance.

For Weekend: What Old Navy flip-flops were to us in 2003, these white sneakers are to us now. That casual dress? White sneakers. Leggings and a sweatshirt? Right, yes, white sneakers. Jeans and a t-shirt? You see where we’re going with this.


Our Picks:


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