A mom’s TikTok video is going viral after she showed off how she manages to get in some extra screen time

Parents spend enough time doing hard work—if they want to settle in on the couch and scroll TikTok mindlessly for a while, they’ve earned it. But when you have young kids who are drawn to the gentle glow of a phone screen like moths to a flame, you know how hard it can be to get even a moment of screen time to yourself.

That’s why one mom’s hack is going viral. On TikTok, mom Farah Pink shared how she gets away with being on her phone while her daughter is playing right in front of her, and it’s absolutely brilliant.


“I always feel like a piece of sh*t when I’m on my phone and my daughter is playing by herself,” Pink says in the video, to which we say, “Mom, cut yourself some slack.” Parents deserve breaks however they want them—if that means being on your phone, then keep being on your phone.

Pink goes on to explain that she bought a fake book to hide her phone in. It has a few different removable covers so you can make it look like a textbook, a beach read, or plain. And in between its fake pages, there’s a box that’s the perfect size for inserting a phone.

“Now I can sit on the couch like this, and she’s going to think I’m reading, but really I’m on my phone,” Pink says over a video that shows her sitting on the couch “reading” while her daughter plays on a climbing triangle in the middle of the room. “I’m setting a really good example. So check it out if you’ve been needing to hide your phone from your kid while they are playing.”

We couldn’t find the exact product Pink is using in her video, but for all the moms out there who need this, here’s one on Etsy that will fit the bill. Happy read—I mean scrolling!

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