Spring Refresh: Here’s Our Guide to Mom Self Care


This spring, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Here’s how we work mom self care into our days.

As moms ourselves, we know how easy it is to forget ourselves. We adore our kiddos and love being parents, but it can be easy to let self care fall through the cracks. Moms spend their days focused on family, whether directly or indirectly. If we stay home with our kiddos during the day, we’re focused full-time on taking care of them and our homes and everything that gets thrown at us throughout. Or, if we work outside the home, we’re trying to simultaneously do the jobs we’re paid for while remotely managing our kids. It doesn’t matter what kind of mom you are or how you spend your days; you’re balancing it all. And the only way you can do it all is to take care of yourself. When we found Hers, it completely changed our mom self care game!

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Hers takes women’s health extremely seriously. And beyond taking women’s health seriously, they make access and convenience a priority. The Hers platform is a doctor-trusted, doctor-approved resource for women’s mental and physical healthcare that’s 100% online. That means no more taking time off work to refill your birth control. No more waiting weeks to get into your doctor to discuss antidepressants or treatment for the anxiety you’ve been fighting. And no more calling around to different healthcare locations hoping they take your insurance. Hers is one of our hands-down favorite ways to lean into mom self care. Here’s why.

Hers Puts Your Mental Health First

Trying to handle feeling not-so-great can be an uphill battle, especially when you're juggling work, home, kids...all of it. You don't have to do it all by yourself, though. In fact, we really encourage you not to. With Hers, you have access to options. Whether it's anxiety, depression, postpartum mental health, sleep trouble, burnout, job stress, major life changes—Hers has solutions to help you feel better. They offer vetted online therapists, doctor-trusted FDA-approved medications, and supplements, plus online consultations to determine what's best for you.

There are so many benefits to making Hers your go-to mental health resource:

  • Hers doesn't require insurance
  • Unlimited dosage adjustments
  • Unlimited online check-ins
  • Unlimited follow-ups and messaging
  • Free shipping and discreet delivery if prescribed
  • Treatment plan recommendation within 24-48 hours. 
  • Start for $25 for your first month.* 

You deserve to feel better. And you deserve to feel better with a plan that fits your needs, on your time. Hers is a click away.

Discover how you can start feeling better with Hers!

*Subscription required. After first month, price is $85/month for a monthly subscription or $49/month for a three-month subscription ($123 for first order, $147 billed quarterly thereafter). Subscription automatically renews unless you cancel at least 7 days before renewal is processed.

Hers Knows Your Hair

Please, please don't feel alone if you find yourself starting to notice some hair loss. It's common (more than 50% of women experience it!), nothing to be embarrassed about, and treatable. That's right. There are products out there, both OTC and by prescription only, to help slow, stop, and even reverse female pattern hair loss. Hers allows you to access hair loss treatment 100% online. Answer some questions, connect with a medical provider who will work with you to find the right solution for you, and enjoy free shipping with a prescription. You'll also get unlimited follow-ups! Message a provider with questions any time. 

Learn more about Hers for your hair here!

Hers For Women's Health

Thanks to Hers, you can take control of your health! Access yeast infection treatment, speak to a healthcare professional about UTIs, and get guidance from a provider about a wide range of popular birth control pill prescription options. Once you've had your first consultation, if a prescription is appropriate, you'll get free shipping, on time refills, and rest easy knowing you have access to healthcare professionals for follow-up questions and any changes! No insurance or waiting in line required.

Check out Hers women's health here!

Hers Builds Your Ideal Skin Routine

Whether it's age spots, acne, fine lines, or just want to upgrade your routine, Hers has you covered. With customized prescription gel creams, a fabulous line of quality over-the-counter skincare, and 100% online support and direct delivery, Hers is your one-stop-skin-shop!

Find your perfect Hers skincare routine!

Hers has changed how we take care of ourselves. This Valentine’s Day, change the way you take care of you.

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