21 Pairs of Mom Sunglasses $25 or Less (Because You Know You’re Gonna Lose Them Anyway)

The sun is shining, and your sunglasses are lost. Again.

They’re the first things to get lost. Aside from our keys. And a pair of matching socks. Actually, where did we set that cup of coffee? Okay, so maybe our sunglasses aren’t the first things that get misplaced, but they’re going to get lost. One of the most common Mom Truths is that you’ll find yourself digging through a purse or diaper bag for your sunnies often and it’s so frustrating. It doesn’t help when they also happen to be really expensive. We’re not here to tell you what to do, but mom sunglasses don’t have to be ultra-pricey to be cute and prevent a full-scale panic when you can’t find them.

Sticky hands. Jump hugs. Getting stuck in your hair. There are 500 ways mom sunglasses get ruined, or at least get a little beat up. That’s why it’s hard for us to also spend $500 on them; at least not while our kiddos are still small. There’s just too much going on to keep your sunnies safe. The good news? We found some seriously adorable glasses—all $25 or under, all available online—to get you through the sunny months. At these prices, you can also snag a pair for the car, your purse, for the backyard—wherever you find yourself struggling to find that lost pair. Check them all out below.

Jessica Simpson Brown Ombré Square Sunglasses


Warm hues and bold frames make these an easy choice. Jessica Simpson Brown Ombré Square Sunglasses ($24.99)—Buy Here!

Myiaur Polarized Sunglasses


Mirrored lenses always give cool mom vibes, and these are available in a bunch of different colors. Myiaur Polarized Sunglasses ($21.59)—Buy Here!

Joopin Oversized Sunglasses


If you're in your mysterious era, oversized black sunglasses are a must (but these come in over 30 color options, anyway). Joopin Oversized Sunglasses ($11.47)—Buy Here!

Fimilu Floral Sunglasses


Adding some color, even if you're rocking your standard black leggings, is always a good idea. These floral sunglasses do the job perfectly. Fimilu Floral Sunglasses ($9.59)—Buy Here!

Dollger Clear Brown Fashion Sunglasses


Lighter sunglasses change your whole perspective, so these clear brown ones are great for the summer. Dollger Clear Brown Fashion Sunglasses ($13.99)—Buy Here!

Sojos Retro Round Polarized Sunglasses


If your style is clean and classic, these polarized sunglasses are for you. They come in 12 colors, too. Sojos Retro Round Polarized Sunglasses ($14.99)—Buy Here!

Feisedy Chunky Sunglasses


Olive green is having a moment, and you will be too in these fun frames. Feisedy Chunky Sunglasses ($15.99)—Buy Here!

Retro Cateye Sunglasses


The cateye shape is super cute, but we're really loving the unique combo of tortoise frames and blue lenses. Retro Cateye Sunglasses ($14.99)—Buy Here!

Universal Thread Shiny Purple Sunglasses


This fun pair is super lightweight and scratch-resistant, which, for moms—well, you know. Universal Thread Shiny Purple Sunglasses ($17.00)—Buy Here!

White Rimmed Sunglasses


Shatter resistant and super chic, these white retro sunglasses are sure to be your new favorite. White Rimmed Sunglasses ($15.00)—Buy Here!

Orange Geo Sunglasses


We can't look at these sunny orange glasses without thinking of summer fun. They come in green, too, and either way, the bright colors make it a lot easier to find them in your bag, too. Orange Geo Sunglasses ($15.00)—Buy Here!

Burgundy Paradise Sunglasses


This chic pair from EyeBuyDirect is also available with prescription (for an extra $20). They're definitely reminding us of black cherry slushes. Burgundy Paradise Sunglasses ($22.00)—Buy Here!

Clear Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses


Also available in prescription lenses, these come in this toasty clear brown, tortoise, and a sleek navy. Clear Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses ($22.00)—Buy Here!

Rimless Aviator Sunglasses


So many beach vibes come with this peachy pair that you'll wear them all year. Rimless Aviator Sunglasses ($11.16)—Buy Here!

Orange Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses


We're all about bold and bright, especially in the summer. These are as cute at swim meets as they are relaxing at the lake. Orange Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses ($11.16)—Buy Here!

goodr Classic Sunglasses


These beauties are just dying to head out on a boat, a road trip, or a backyard BBQ. goodr Classic Sunglasses ($25.00)—Buy Here!

Vintage 1960s Sunglasses

Luna Stone Vintage/Etsy

Make a statement with these Twiggy-esque sunnies that come in a bunch of different colors from Luna Stone Vintage on Etsy. Vintage 1960s Sunglasses ($16.90)—Buy Here!

Joopin Grey Round Sunglasses


These futuristic sunglasses are neutral enough to go with everything, but on-trend enough to pop no matter what you're wearing. Joopin Grey Round Sunglasses ($13.59)—Buy Here!

The Fresh Jackie-O Sunglasses

The Fresh/Amazon

Jackie-O was the epitome of fashion and class, and you can embody some of her style with these sunglasses. The Fresh Jackie-O Sunglasses ($13.99)—Buy Here!

Sojos Mirrored Cat Retro Glasses


Cool mom? Nailed it. These are so fun and you can't beat a mirrored lens. Sojos Mirrored Cat Retro Glasses ($15.99)—Buy Here!

Square Polarized Sunglasses


Take a walk on the wild side (or just be totally ready for your next zoo trip) with these animal print sunnies. Square Polarized Sunglasses ($9.99)—Buy Here!

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