Muffin Tin Mom, Michelle, is one of our favorite San Diego Mom Bloggers and we are thrilled to have her here sharing her wisdom and answering some of our questions. She has great advice for how to stay sane as a new mom, what makes a great, kid-friendly city, and where to take the kids out for dinner in San Diego. Thank you for spending time with us Michelle!

What is your favorite pearl of wisdom for a frazzled new mom to find her happiness?

As a new mom, it was really important for me to stay connected with other people. I joined the moms group at the hospital where my daughter was born, I invited other moms with new little ones over for coffee, and you’ll often would find me strolling my daughter through the mall on a weekday morning. I also tried to remember to take time for myself; a nap here, a pedicure there. It seems selfish, but the more refreshed I was, the better I was able to care for my daughter.

Why do you think  your neighborhood is a fantastic place to raise kids?

San Diego is an eclectic mix of communities and we have so many kid friendly activities right at our finger tips! We sport one of the most temperate climates in the world, so it never gets too cold or too hot! What’s not to love about that?!

Where do you and your husband like to go for date night?

We are pretty simple. We live in North County, so a coffee from The Nautical Bean in Oceanside and walk through Oceanside Harbor and Marina and then the beach at sunset is an ideal date.

Where do you like to catch a bite with the little one in tow?

We love The Burger Lounge. Their hamburgers are made from grass fed beef and their fries are to die for! Also Urbn Coal fired pizza is delicious! If you ask, they will give you a little hand sized round of pizza dough to let the kids play with at the table.

What’s your favorite local vacation or day trips?

The Hotel Del Coronado is a fantastic place to walk around. Rich with history and character, it’s the perfect backdrop for fun in the sun.

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