This Mom’s Taco Bell Maternity Photo Shoot Is Everything

Though it can feel like it goes on forever, pregnancy is pretty fleeting in the grand scheme of parenting, which is why it can be fun to document that ever-growing baby bump with maternity pictures. One mom not only wanted to capture the beauty of her baby belly, but she decided to make her pictures truly unique, with a maternity photo shoot at Taco Bell.

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Expectant mom Kristin Johnston is about to welcome her second child and decided to do something a little bit different to commemorate the occasion. Instead of a maternity photo shoot on a sun-splashed beach or sprawling meadow, Johnston chose to take her pics at a Taco Bell. Johnston explained that she was inspired when she saw a few high school seniors taking their senior portraits at Taco Bell. She has always loved Taco Bell and kept them busy with her pregnancy cravings, so it just made perfect sense. “My friends and family all thought the pics were so funny and SO me, everyone knows I love Taco Bell!,” she said.

Johnston shared the pictures on her blog Strollers and Stilletos, as well as posting on Facebook where she got plenty of positive reactions, with many moms relating, not only to her fun-loving side, but also her pregnant passion for Taco Bell. She got some reactions in the midst of her photo shoot, too. “It was a really fun shoot, and having it at sunset also meant it was rush hour traffic at an already very busy intersection – I definitely got some odd looks but most everyone drove by and laughed or gave me a thumbs up!” Check out more of these awesome pictures here.

Have you taken unique maternity or family photos? Share your pics with us in the comments below.

All photos courtesy of Kristin Johnston


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