13 Ridiculously Expensive Gifts You Can Buy on Amazon This Christmas

When it comes to gifts, we’ve all heard the expression “it’s the thought that counts.” But sometimes the thought you want to send is ‘I love you so much I broke my wallet for you.’ The good news is that Amazon has you covered. Read on for a list of Amazon’s most ridiculously expensive luxury items.

Gold-Infused Toothpaste


Up first is an expensive item for people who want to give a ridiculous gift on a budget. This luxury toothpaste will set you back $70 because it has actual gold flecks in the paste. If you don’t feel right sending gold down the drain, you can always put the tube in a frame and call it art.

Swarovski Crystal Ducks


Give your loved one a set of crystal ducks to convince them that like birds of a feather, you should flock together. These waterfowl can be yours for $1,498. But these ducks won’t fly to you for free: you still need to pay $14.99 for shipping.

Autographed Keith Richards Guitar


If you’re looking for the perfect piece to add to your guitar collection, this guitar autographed by Keith Richards is the ideal addition at a cool $2,750. The signed instrument comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you know it’s the real deal.

Mark Saint Gaudens Twenty Dollar


This 1924 Mark Saint Gaudens Twenty Dollar is a rare find. Designed by President Theodore Roosevelt, the Double Eagle is one of two designs he was able to complete before his death and is considered to be one of the most beautiful coins ever minted by the U.S. Mint. Get your own for only $2,799. 

Luxury Gold Toilet


They say a man’s house is his castle, and what better gift to give the king in your life than a gold (colored) porcelain throne? Though, at $5,088, this neoclassical toilet better clean itself.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Sometimes you want to buy that special someone an incredible piece of jewelry, but you can’t face another trip to the mall. Not to worry, Amazon is there to help you out. This whopping 7-carat bracelet can be yours and delivered right to your door for only $10,999.


This one-of-a-kind signed letter from Voltaire and was written just weeks before his death in 1778 from Paris. The letter is written in beautiful script and in French and would make a thoughtful gift! Who doesn't need a famous signed letter hanging in their home?

Achieve epistolary excellence for the sale price of $20,000.

Feineshi Cast Copper Horse Sculpture


Surprise the horse lover in your life with this exquisite bronze sculpture. At $26,633.64, it’s still less expensive than buying your loved one a herd of their own. Bonus: no mucking out a stall necessary!

Grateful Dead 1966 Concert Poster


Sure you can buy cheap posters anywhere, but when you could bring home a mint condition 1966 Grateful Dead concert poster, why would you get anything else? This poster holds great significance, being the first time the Grateful Dead are associated with a skull symbol and is one of the hardest to find for Dead Head collectors.

It comes at a groovy price of $27,500— plus $4.50 for shipping if you can swing it.


Franck Muller Men’s Watch


True collectors know a watch is more than just about telling time—it's about making a statement! If you're looking to spoil a certain someone this year, then look no further than this gorgeous Frank Muller Vanguard Seven Days Skeleton Color Dream watch. The automatic self-wind mechanism and water-resistant features make this a timeless—yup, we went there—accessory.

With a $45,000 price tag, this thing should be able to act like Cher and turn back time.

Tigrani Sterling Silver Chess Pieces


Blaise Pascal once called chess “the gymnasium of the mind.” And this holiday season, you can wrap up these delicately sculpted silver and bronze chess pieces for the mental athlete on your gift list. At $45,000, your wallet is going to get a workout, too. The chessboard is sold separately.

White Gold Diamond Ring


Everyone knows that love is priceless, but sometimes you want to stun your fiance-to-be. With a diamond weighing in at over five carats, you better propose on a cloudy day or this eye candy may blind your future spouse.

You can’t buy love, but if you have $65,900, you can buy this diamond ring.

Mordecai Brown Signed Baseball


Own a piece of baseball’s “dead-ball era,” signed by Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown. 

Yes, at $267,265.99, this signed baseball costs the same as an average home in Texas, but you’re buying memories here. Those don’t come cheap.

Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards


Run, don't walk—because this Mickey Mantle autographed baseball card is only $363,640. This set is 100% certified-authentic and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from James Spence Authentication so you won't strike out.

—Teresa Douglas & Karly Wood

Featured photo: Unsplash



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