This New Parenting Resource Is Beyond Innovative & It’s Just for Dads

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Movember recently debuted the Family Man platform—and it’s the parenting resource dad didn’t even know he needed.

According to Movember, 51 percent of men say they’re not aware of fatherhood-specific resources. Here’s where Family Man comes in: the new platform is devoted to dads and everything they’ll experience with their littles.

photo: Biova Nakou via Pexels

The platform features animated choose-your-own-adventure style episodes that let dad work his way through common situations they may encounter with their kiddos. The three episodes all feature a dad as the main character, giving fathers everywhere the chance to see what fathers experience and the challenges they may face.

As the Family Man dad makes his way through each challenge, the IRL dad platform-user can respond in their own way. The program responds to the user’s choices, gives feedback, and helps dad learn how he can take what he learns on Family Man and put it to work in real life.

Family Man provides dads with evidence-based strategies that work for real families—and not just theoretical child development or parenting ideas. The tools dad is given through the site are designed to work for children of all ages (especially those between ages two and eight) and kids of differing abilities or with different needs.

Dads everywhere can access the new platform at the Family Man website.

—Erica Loop



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