The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is growing! Disney+ just dropped the first trailer and poster for the new Ms. Marvel show to drop Jun. 8 and summer has never looked so bright.

Say hello to Kamala Khan, the first Muslim teen superhero for Marvel. The teenager calls Jersey City her home, is a huge fan-fiction writer, gamer and has one heck of an imagination (don’t even get her started on Captain Marvel!). You can see for yourself in the first trailer for the show that will air starting this summer.

The glimpse into Khan’s life shows her attempt at balancing her life, high school, boys and the surprising super powers she finds at her fingertips. The Pakistani-American is dealing with a lot: rude classmates who can’t even pronounce her name, parents who don’t understand her and a longing to be more than she is.

Much of the trailer appears to be a scene from one of Khan’s many daydreams. From the comic-like speech bubbles to the fantastical fight moves, Ms. Marvel is a figment of her imagination––until one day it isn’t.

photo: Disney+

While the trailer doesn’t give away just how Kahn gets her superpowers, its clear the new series shows how she must master them before joining her hero, Captain Marvel. That’s right, Ms. Marvel will be joining the team in the upcoming sequel, The Marvels in the 2023 film.

In the meantime, virtually no villains are revealed (unless you count the awkwardness that is a teenage crush) in the trailer. However, fans who have been waiting to see a film-version of the superhero since 2013 when she debuted within the comic don’t mind. It just gives us more time to guess just who and what Ms. Marvel will do with her powers.

Ms. Marvel is the first screenwork for newcomer, Iman Vellani, who brings this part of the MCU into a kid-friendly stratopshere. While her character’s powers differ from her hero’s, she’s laying it all on the table. Mark your calendar, the show will stream exclusively on Disney+ starting Jun. 8.



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