The Muddy Puddles Project to Host First Virtual Mess Fest with Peppa Pig

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After a rainstorm kids can’t resist jumping in a muddy puddle. Knowing that parents are looking for a safe way to have summer fun, The Muddy Puddles Project will be hosting the first ever virtual Mess Fest series with appearances by Peppa Pig. The Muddy Puddles Mess Fest is an annual fundraising event that supports childhood cancer research through the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation.

For three days starting on Aug. 24, families can join up to three, virtual 30-minute activity sessions where they can get messy with crafts, jam out to music or enjoy story time with a special appearance by Peppa Pig. The nonprofit typically hosts large, in-person “Mess Fest” events, but this year the virtual platform will bring a wave of positive energy and joy to children’s homes all across the country, while introducing philanthropy to little ones in a fun and relatable way. 

“Kids grow up so fast, and my personal journey with childhood cancer made me reflect on my instinct to avoid a mess by hiding the finger paint or holding hands right past the puddles. Parents need to remember that for some children, those rights of passage – like jumping in muddy puddles – may not be possible,” said Cindy Campbell, Co-Founder of The Muddy Puddles Project. 

Campbell said, “I wanted to find a way for everyone to take a step back and to appreciate these years with their kids. The Muddy Puddles Project is a celebration of childhood, but it is also a nonprofit platform for funding childhood cancer research so we can cure more kids, keeping them outside, having fun, and getting messy before they’re all grown up and see wet clothes and dirty shoes as nothing but a nuisance.”  

“We are honored that Peppa Pig was such an important and positive part of Ty Campbell’s too-short life, and with the involvement of our terrific sponsors, this year’s virtual Mess Fest is sure to inspire families across the country to get messy, jump in muddy puddles, and support The Muddy Puddles Project’s fundraising efforts,” said Julie Powell Christopher, eOne Family Brands’ SVP of Marketing for North America.

Campbell wants parents to remember that children are little sponges, and fun is contagious, so we should all try to have more fun in our everyday lives.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: The Muddy Puddles Project


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