My Big, Fat Greek Weddin3 finally has a trailer, and we could not be more excited about this movie

Opa! There’s some seriously good news for everyone patiently waiting for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3—the first trailer just dropped. In it, we get our first look at the Portokalos family’s big reunion in Greece.

Aside from the absolutely gorgeous scenery, the sequel promises plenty of throwbacks to the most hilarious moments in the beloved rom-com—like Toula’s giant family greeting even their most distant relative with hugs and cries of “Cousin!” and ̶A̶i̶d̶a̶n̶ ̶S̶h̶a̶w̶ Nick Portcullis getting guff from his Greek elders about not eating meat.

The movie will be coming to theaters on September 8, 2023, per Focus Features.

Last summer, Nia Vardalos posted an Instagram video near The Plaka from her hotel, giving fans the news we’ve been waiting for since the film’s 2016 sequel—that they’d started filming. Vardalos will be playing the film’s lead, Toula Portokalos, as well as directing it.

“We are in Greece filming ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ and thank you for all the lovely messages of just waiting,” Vardalos said during the video. “Thank you to Playtone, Gold Circle, HBO and Focus!” Vardalos wrote in the post’s caption. “And much love and gratitude to you all for your support as we waited to film. Greece baby. Greece!”

While the plot is under wraps, Deadline reported that Greece will be the setting for Toula and Ian’s (John Corbett) daughter Paris’ wedding.

The third film is dedicated to Michael Constantine (Toula’s father, Gus) who died in August of 2021. “He had told me he wouldn’t be able to join us for the third film and his wish was that we go on,” Vardalos wrote in an Instagram post last year. “I wrote the screenplay to reflect Michael’s decision and will always treasure his last messages to me, hoping we were filming soon.”

The original film is the highest-grossing romantic comedy ever made and has millions of fans of all ages who are invested in this big Greek family.

If you haven’t yet watched the film (what are you waiting for?), My Big Fat Greek Wedding follows Toula, a single woman who works at the family restaurant and gets constantly bombarded by her family to find a nice Greek man to marry. Of course, this means she actually meets and marries an American teacher (Corbett). Her parents eventually learn to love Portcullis, and the couple marries and has a daughter.

While the second film didn’t do nearly as well as the first, this family is so lovable and endearing that it’s impossible not to root for another film to get a glimpse of their lives today.

Here’s hoping we get more sneak peeks before release day.

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