Tales for Tots: A New Storybook App For Budding Readers

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Worthwhile reading apps are hard to find. We’ve downloaded more than our fair share from the app store only to be disappointed that they can’t hold our little reader’s attention for more than a few minutes. Building a love for reading and developing cognitive skills starts early, which is why Mindshapes, an award-winning creator of fun and educational mobile games for kids, created their new app, My Story World. With an amazing collection of kids’ stories for young readers, My Story World is the last storytelling app you’ll ever have to download.


What makes it great
My Story World
is like having an entire library of age-appropriate kids’ books all on your iPad. Geared towards kids ages 3 and up, My Story World showcases a wealth of kids’ stories complete with full narration, animated scenes, fun sound effects, background music, and interactive games. With 20 stories currently in their catalog and new stories added every week, your little bookworms will be busy reading their way through everything from the Brothers Grimm tales to the adventures of Sid the Science Kid.

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After a bit of exploring in My Story World, you’ll notice the various styles of animation used in each story. The different animations really make it feel as if you’ve picked up a completely different book every time you select a new story. In addition to the animation, each story features its own narrator, many of whom set the tone of the tale through their engaging and dynamic readings. This offers a more personal connection between the reader and the story that kids wouldn’t experience reading the story by themselves.

To make it easy for readers of all skill levels to follow along, each story is broken up into chapters with sentence by sentence “pages,” allowing kids to move at their own pace. If you need to stop your story and return to it again, you’ll have to jump through the chapters using the tab in the upper right corner of the story. We would have liked to see a bookmark feature, as it can be difficult to tell exactly what chapter you last read when trying to navigate the chapter selection feature.

The stories offer the option for either a “read to me” or a more interactive “play and read” feature. The “play and read” option incorporates questions and “learning moments” into the story to keep kids immersed and engaged. These mini games include answering questions about characters or making guesses as to what will happen next.

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The Reward
For every story that your kiddos complete, they earn a sticker. The more they read, the more stickers they collect! Completing a story also lets your readers practice their art skills with fun activities like “draw your favorite character from the story.” This gives them the chance to illustrate their favorite moments from the story, which can then be saved to your iPad’s photo roll.

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The Bottom Line
My Story World is a great way to introduce kids to classic tales and stories that they already know. We applaud the story selection in My Story World–each collection is carefully detailed and presented to kids in a way that is easy for them to grasp and internalize.

Download My Story World for free today and start your reading adventure with your kids.

What is your kid’s current favorite learning app?

–Scott Wardell

photos courtesy of Mindshapes & Christian Garland