How to make milestone celebrations more memorable through gifting with MyRegistry

No matter what type of celebration or milestone moment you’re currently preparing for, a Gift List from MyRegistry can make your kid’s gift wishes come true. Forget trying to figure out what they want from the hundreds of things they’ve mentioned or updating family and friends with their ever-changing birthday lists. MyRegistry takes the guesswork out of giving and almost guarantees your kiddos (or yourself!) will love what they receive.

What is a Gift List?


Everyone's heard of gift registries for weddings and baby showers. MyRegistry lets you create wish lists for any and every celebration and event. Gift Lists are shareable and shoppable registry lists for all occasions. With MyRegistry's always-on, universal Gift Lists, you can add any items from any store, so there's no lack of options. The exact product they want is added to the list, so there's no more color mix-ups or "I already have this one!" moments.

Gifting is How Friends and Family Rally Behind You


Whether it's a birthday milestone, a holiday, or graduation, gifting is a central form of expression and celebration. Giving gifts off a Gift List makes sure that gifts are both aligned with your values and enjoyable for your child. You'll know they'll be receiving presents that are appropriate, age-aligned, and with your stamp of approval.

Gifting is So Much More Than a Transactional Exchange


The joy of receiving and giving gifts is enhanced when you know that it's going to be used. It's memorable for moms and dads to create Gift Lists with their children; it's a bonding experience that lets parents see into the personality of their child. It's not only memorable for kids, too, but it's also a teachable experience. They have to learn patience; after making their Gift Lists, they'll need to wait to receive their gifts. The whole process from start to finish is a great experience for your little ones.

Whether it’s the upcoming holidays (we know, we know, it’s only June), a birthday celebration or graduation, all parents want to capture the joy of their kids receiving that perfect present. Don’t wait! Create an always-on, universal Gift List on today.


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