From Pixie to Prairie, 2022 Baby Name Trends Celebrate Individuality

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What’s in a name? A whole lot, especially when it comes to picking one for your baby. Nameberry has been paying close attention to user data and just dropped a list of predicted name trends for 2022, with plenty of outside-the-box options to choose from!

We can all agree that we need more fun and play in our lives, especially after the last two years. New parents agree and will gravitate toward “light, bright, playful baby names.” At the start of the alphabet, names like Baby, Bear, Bee and Birdie are coming in hot. Other top options? Pixie, Moxie, Cricket, Teddy and Ziggy.

Nature names continue to be popular, but not necessarily the classics like Autumn or Sage. Instead, the site says that Prairie, Dune, Ridge and Sequoia are top picks for parents looking to celebrate their love of the outdoors. Other escapist choices include Bali, Meridian, Horizon and Banyan.

Classic and nostalgia are making a comeback too, especially with the return of smash hit show Bridgerton. Trendy choices include Albion, Benedict, Phoebe, Regé and Rupert. Or if you’re really pining for the good old days, names like Betty, Sally, Louie and Ralph are climbing the charts.

Finally, gender neutral names are big and Nameberry predicts parents will be more willing to give their sons traditionally feminine names. Think Holland, Harlow, Indigo or Laurie. You can read the full report on the company’s site and for more inspiration, check out our lists at Bump + Baby!

––Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of Omar Lopez, Unsplash



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