If you plan on exploring a National Park this summer, helping your budding naturalists discover the little things is a fab way to introduce them to the great outdoors. From quizzing a Park Ranger to taking the scenic route, we’ve created the ultimate National Park scavenger hunt list. Take a look, print it out (download the PDF here) and get searching!

1. Explore a cave.

2. Pick up a pinecone.

3. Look for an unusual rock formation.

Photo: Gabby Cullen

4.  Spot five different plants you see growing in the park.

5.  Find the biggest tree and hug it.

6. Take a picture next to the National Park entrance sign.

Photo: Gabby Cullen

7.  Find the scenic route and take a cruise (with Mom and Dad!).

8.  Climb a boulder.

9.  See if you can find a fossil.

10. Head for the visitors center and check out the exhibits.

Photo: National Park Service via flickr

11. Ask a Park Ranger three questions.

12. Wait until dark and look for shooting stars.

13. Spot five NPS Arrowhead logos around the park.

14. Look for a stalagmite.

Photo: Davynin via flickr

15. Choose a popular hike and go!

16. Take a picture of a field of wildflowers.

Photo: Gabby Cullen

17. See if you can find petrified wood.

18. Spot a trail of ants.

19. Sign up to be a Junior Ranger, complete the activity book and earn a badge!

Photo: National Park Service via flickr

20. Collect sticks and help build a campfire.

21. Scope out a waterfall and have a picnic lunch.

22. Follow a trail of footprints in the sand.

Photo: Gabby Cullen

23. Go on a geocache adventure. Find out more by clicking here.

24. Collect five different shells.

25. Identify shale rock.

Photo: Gabby Cullen

26. Check out the oldest building in the park.

27. Watch a geyser erupt.

28. Look for dinosaur footprints.

Photo: Gabby Cullen

29. Listen for a hooting owl.

30. Bike over a river.

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Will you be visiting a National Park this summer? Tell us about it in a Comment below!

— Gabby Cullen


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