This Video Will Help Explain What’s Happening in Ukraine to Your Kids

This week, there’s been a lot of awful things happening in the news and for young children (and parents, to be honest), the crisis in Ukraine can be confusing.

While we definitely want to shield our kids from much of the violence, it’s still important to share the situation with them in a way they can understand––because they know something is going on. In a new video from NBC News Kids Edition, the team tackles the attack on Ukraine, breaking down the history and reasons why the two countries are at odds. To skip right to the Ukraine segment, just fast forward to 1:34 on the video.

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The video does a wonderful job of explaining the former Soviet Union and how Ukraine used to be a part of Russia before becoming a sovereign nation in the 90’s. Despite being independent from Russia for over 30 years, Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, believes that Ukraine should be re-incorporated to former a bigger, grander country.

Kids will also get a brief lesson on NATO and how the United States is not supportive of larger countries trying to take over smaller countries using force. In a reassuring message, the video discusses the priority of staying out of war, and how President Biden is an ally with Ukraine in their plight to remain independent.

While we parents struggle to find the appropriate words to describe Putin and his tactics, we’re glad this video can step in and give our children the details they need to be kiddos in the know.

––Karly Wood



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