If you have a newborn, we have just what you need: Sleep! Well, sort of—now you can actually rest comfortably, knowing your baby is safe and sound. How is that even possible? With the latest, cutting-edge tech in the form of a baby monitor. 

Big news: VTech®, innovator of award-winning smart toys and baby monitors, has launched its first-ever line of LeapFrog® Baby Monitors. All include sought-after features like HD video, color night vision and adaptive color light—some even feature smart remote monitoring and in-app sleep tips from the experts at WeeSleep™.  

If you’re thinking: “Wow, this is amazing! But which one should I get?” Keep reading as we break it down so you can choose the best monitor for your growing family (and maybe catch a few extra ZZZs…). 

Want the Monitor That Has It All? Check out the LF930HD Remote Access Smart Video Baby Monitor with 7" HD Display 

Why we love it: 360 Pan & Tilt, Color Night Vision, Adaptive Dimmable Color Night Light, 8x Zoom and Smart Sensors.

PLUS all these amazing stand-out features:

  • View your baby on the display or remotely on your smartphone/tablet with the LeapFrog Baby Care App.
  • 133-degree vertical tilt angle and from side to side with the 360-degree horizontal pan capability, so you get full room coverage.
  • Enhance your baby's sleep environment with a sound and light profile recommended by the experts at WeeSleep™.
  • Magnify details up to eight times their original size with the crisp digital zoom range. 
  • See your baby as clear as day, even in ultra-low light, thanks to the Color Night Vision technology.
  • Smart sensors that create a comfortable environment for baby, including a temperature and humidity sensor that alert you when the room climate is outside a comfortable range.
  • An adaptive, dimmable color night light that's built into the camera unit and adjusts to the brightness of the room. 
  • Motion triggered video recording that can be played back on the LeapFrog BabyCare app.
  • Two-way, talk-back intercom—locally & remotely—so parents can comfort their baby from anywhere.
  • Free in-app advice provided by the experts at WeeSleep™ and LeapFrog.


Looking For a Little Smaller Screen? Get the Remote Access Smart Video Baby Monitor with 5" HD Parent Viewer LF925HD 

Why we love it: This model boasts all the same smart features as the 7", just with a more compact screen.


Have Little Ones in Separate Rooms?  Get the LF925-2HD 5” WiFi High Definition 2 Camera Pan & Tilt Monitor.

Why we love it: Choose to view the cameras one at a time, two on a split-screen or set it on a patrol mode to view alternate cameras every 10 seconds.


Save a Few Bucks with the LF815HD Remote Access Smart Video Baby Monitor with 5" HD Parent Viewer

Why we love it: Color Night Vision, Adaptive Dimmable Color Night Light, 8x Zoom and Smart Sensors.

This model offers all the features of the above models, minus the Pan & Tilt feature. If you have a smaller room or don’t want/need full room coverage, this one is an excellent choice (and you’ll save a little cash). 


Want 2 Cameras? Get the LF815-2HD 5" WiFi High Definition 2 Camera Video Monitor.

Why we love it: You get all the incredible features of the LF815 but with two cameras, so you can divide and conquer at bedtime!


Don’t Want a Monitor with Wifi? Get the LF920HD Color Night Vision with 7" HD Parent Unit

Why we love it: HD Wide-angle Display, 360 Pan & Tilt, 8x Zoom and Adaptive Dimmable Night Light.

This model offers everything you need, just like the LF930 Pan & Tilt, minus the remote access. If you don’t plan on being away from home when you check in on your babes, this model is for you, and you’ll save some money as well.

Visit the LeapFrog Baby Care website to learn more about the monitors.



—Jamie Aderski

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