You might be a pro at wrapping gifts, but are you a pro at hiding gifts? Turns out, would-be gift recipients find about 50% of their surprises before the big day, with most discovered within a week. Self-storage company Neighbor surveyed 1,000 Americans to learn more about holiday surprises, including some helpful hints on where (not) to hide!

The most popular place to hide presents: the bedroom closet. More than half of respondents (53%) said that was their top choice, followed by a spare room (30%). Another 26% prefer the under the bed route, with 25% keeping gifts in the car trunk.

One of the least obvious places to look for a present? In the kid’s room! Only 6% of respondents thought it would be the first place to search, so it may be worth a shot leading up to the big day.

Despite the fact that keeping gifts secret can be a big challenge, 60% of present hiders think it’s fun and doesn’t add to any holiday stress. If you want to be extra sneaky, you could consider having packages delivered to another location, since only 18% currently do this. Happy surprising!

—Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of Nicole Michalou, Pexels


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