Nerf Sells a Dart Vacuum & Parents Can Finally Rejoice

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Those darn darts from your kiddo’s Nerf blaster are everywhere. Now you don’t need to crawl around the carpet, picking up each individual piece of foam from the floor.

The Nerf Elite Dart Rover is the toy cleaning tool you need right now. The Dart Rover looks like a mini lawn mower, but doesn’t cut down your carpeting. Instead, the River picks up those pesky little Nerf darts with a simple swipe.

photo: Amazon

Instead of a one by one pick-up process, this genius machine lets you grab up to 100 darts at a time. Along with the super-picker up potential, the Dart Rover also comes with non-slip wheels (which are perfect for your non-carpeted floors) and an adjustable handle. A mesh net basket catches darts as they fly off the floor and into the Rover.

Built for kids ages eight and up (and moms and dads too!), this grabber gadget gives your child the chance to clean up their own Nerf-tastrophy—instead of you playing the role of dart keeper.

This quick catcher retails for $29.99. Nab The Nerf Elite Dart Rover online at Amazon.

—Erica Loop



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