All the New Kids’ Shows & Movies on Netflix in March

The Magician's Elephant is a new movie to stream in 2023 Netflix

Need something new to watch with the family? Take a look at the new Netflix kids’ shows and movies for March

With cold days ahead, January is a great time to plan a winter family movie night. No matter what you like to watch, there are plenty of new Netflix kids’ shows and movies this month. You’ll find hilarious new options like Rango, and Karate Sheep, and new classics like The Magician’s Elephant. The only question left is, who’s going to pop the corn or make the hot chocolate?

New Netflix Kids’ Shows and Movies Coming in March

Mar 1: Gecko’s Garage (Season 2)
Calling all car fans! This fun preschool show revolves around a gecko who fixes cars and trucks with the help of his friends The Mechanicals. Expect visits from fun characters like Fiona Fire Truck, Bobby the Bus, and Vicky the Ice Cream truck. And we can’t help but wonder what messes Mr. Weasel will cause this season!

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Mar. 1.: Little Angel (Vol. 2)
Super little ones can sing along with Baby John in this preschool show, which includes classic nursery rhymes and new tunes.

Mar. 1: Open Season 1 and Open Season 2
You get double the trouble with the first and second in a trilogy that follows the adventures (and mishaps) of Boog, a giant, domesticated grizzly bear, and Elliot, a mule deer, as they try to escape the forest before hunting season starts, rescue a friend from a seemingly dangerous situation and manage to return to the forest, just in time for a woodland wedding.

Mar. 1: Rango
Starring the voices of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, and Timothy Olyphant, when former family pet chameleon Rango ends up as the sheriff of a lawless Wild West town, he manages to overcome his fears and step up to outlaws like Rattlesnake Jake. The best part about this movie is that kids will enjoy the animation, and parents will love the comedic aspect, some of which might go over younger heads.

Mar 1.: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 
This Oscar-nominated animated film tells the tale of a wild stallion captured during the American Indian Wars. When he’s rescued by Native American Little Creek and led back to a Lakota camp, Spirit still refuses to be broken. When his former captures return to attack the village, Spirit will experience more tribulations before finally being released to the wild where he belongs.

Mar. 2: Karate Sheep (Season 1)
In this new animated series, two members of a flock use advanced karate moves to protect their fellow sheep from a hungry wolf. Will their moves work?

Mar. 6: Ridley Jones (Season 5)
Reminiscent of Night at the Museum (everything comes alive at night!), curious kiddo Ridley and her friends are tasked with caring for museum treasures. Season 5 kicks off with new powers, new tools, and plenty of new adventures.

Mar. 16: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure

When Barbie’s little sister’s babysitting gig falters, she takes a second summer job at the local waterpark. She tries different tasks at the park, all while trying to stay under the radar of her stern boss, Tammy. When a birthday party gets out of hand, Skipper’s skills with kids come in handy, but will she gain the confidence to start a new babysitting group after the big bash?

Mar. 17: Pui Pui Molcar (Season 2)
The adorable Japanese stop-motion animation series about guinea pig cars is back! Perfect for preschoolers, get ready for tons of fun including an undersea tunnel, a trip to the moon, and more.

Mar 17: The Magician’s Elephant
Based on Newberry Medal-winning author Kate DiCamillo’s novel, when Peter crosses paths with a fortune teller, he only has one question to ask—is his sister Adele still alive? From there, he starts his journey to find a mysterious elephant and a magician, complete three seemingly impossible tasks, and have an adventure he’ll never forget.

Mar. 20: Gabby’s Dollhouse (Season 7)
Gabby is back in action with Pandy Paws by her side. This season they’ll meet fairies, find treasure and spend plenty of time in her incredible dollhouse, of course.

Mar. 21: We Lost Our Human
Get ready for a new Choose Your Own Adventure experience! Help a couple of pampered pets get to the center of the universe hoping to find their beloved owners after they’ve mysteriously gone missing.

Mar. 31: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Season 2)

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Kids’ Titles Leaving Netflix in March

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (Seasons 1-5)

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