Playing board games is just as popular as ever, whether it’s during an after-school play date or for your Friday family game night. Add something new to the mix by picking your favorite from our carefully curated list of the best new board and card games to be released in 2021. From Monopoly getting an ‘80s makeover to an indoor scavenger hunt game that even one kiddo can play, keep reading to see them all.

What Next?

This new cooperative game means you all win or lose together. The object? To reach the end of your adventure AND keep your Tower of Peril in tact. With 60 challenge and options to even play single player, this fun game is great for any family game night and players looking for a challenge.

Ages: 10+

Get it here, $50

Super Mario Labyrinth

Big Mario fan in the house? They'll love this new take on Labyrinth! Super clear instructions make this moving maze game fun as you interact with your fave characters like Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser and more.

Ages: 7+

Get it here, $35

Beat the Parents

Go head to head with Spin Master's ultimate family night game: Beat the Parents! In this kids vs. parents game, set a bet on who what the losers have to do if they won't win, then battle it out with unique trivia cards that will keep everyone on their toes.

Ages: 6+

Get it here, $17.99


Harry Potter Catch the Golden Snitch Game

Now's your chance to play Quidditch and finally catch the Golden Snitch! Perfect for the Potterhead in your life, this fast-paced strategy game has no turns, is bound to get messy but is big on magical fun.

Ages: 8 & up

Get it here, $19.99

Mickey and Friends Food Fight

In honor of Disney World’s 50th Anniversary comes a fun new game featuring Mickey and his crew. In a fast-paced dice game, players roll and toss food to the other players’ trays. Be the first one to empty your tray to win!

Ages: 6 & up. 

Buy it here, $30.

MONOPOLY®: Care Bears™ Edition

Another classic family game got an ‘80s makeover! Instead of properties, you’ll explore Care-a-Lot, buy Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins, and pick up Sharing and Caring cards to help you win the game or set you back on your mission to spread care across the board. 

Ages: 8 & up. 

Buy it here, $39.99

Corner Crush

It’s like Connect Four with an edge—literally. Drop your tokens into the different sides of the tower, using the corners to trick other players. The first one to create a line of four wins!

Ages: 7 & up. 

Buy it here, $20

Rhino Hero Junior

This cooperative game for toddlers is really like three games in one! Kids will practice their fine motor skills, and improve both their number and memory skills as they build higher and higher and help Rhino Hero Junior make it to the top.

Ages: 2 & up. 

Buy it here, $30.

Super Mario Labyrinth

This classic family board game has a new theme, Super Mario Brothers! Find your way to all your character cards while trying to block your opponent's path. If you do it first, you win the game. 

Ages: 7 & up. 

Buy it here, $35.

Wimpy Kid Flipin’ Frenzy Card Game 

In this super-fast card game, you’ll try to make the longest chain without repeating characters or colors. Perfect for travel!

Ages: 6 & up. 

Buy it here, $5.

Found It!

With 50 game cards that feature scavenger hunt prompts, this game from Skillmatics can be played by one kiddo or more! It’s perfect for cold days, it’s awesome for even a few rounds and it’s a good way for kids to boost their observation skills. 

Ages: 4-7

Buy it here, $26.30

Pusheen Purrfect Pick

This double-sided game is perfect for cat lovers! Adorable illustrations abound in this game that helps you plan a fun weekend. Pick which side of the board you want to play on (Pusheen’s house or the park), collect friends and items, then take snapshots of your weekend fun. When you get 10 stars, you win! It's the purrfect family fun night game.

Ages: 8+

Buy it here, $24.

Tacocat Spelled Backwards

This easy-to-transport game is great for quick two-player fun. The box doubles as the game board, where a cat (who is also a taco) is on the line in a match of strategy and instinct. Everyone is in for some fun when playing with the silly illustrated palindrome cards and tiles!

Ages: 7+

Buy it here, $15.

Raya’s Journey: An Enchanted Forest Game

It's a game of hide-and-seek in Kumandra for Tuk Tuk, Sisu, Boun, Tong, Little Noi and Ongi. Simple instructions and a colorful game board make this adventure of collecting game cards fun for young kiddos, but still entertaining for adults, too.

Ages: 6+

Buy it here, $30.

A Little Wordy

Great for families with older kids, A Little Wordy is a fun unscrambling game. The goal? To guess your opponent's secret word through a series of hints and questions. Enjoy beautifully illustrated cards, and expand your vocab at the same time!

Ages: 10+

Buy it here, $15.

Ascension Eternal

This introductory to Ascension game play is perfect for older kids looking for a two-play sesh. Designed as a deck-building game, spend Runes to snag more powerful cards for their deck. Players will add to the deck by purchasing from a central deck, where strategy and complex tactics are key!

Ages: 10+

Buy it here, $19.

—Gabby Cullen with Karly Wood

All images courtesy of retailers. 

Editor’s Note: At the time of publication, all items were available for purchase. 



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