With a spark of fun and a whole lot of inspiration, these new kid-friendly podcasts will keep your crew quiet and entertained when you hit the road—whether it’s for a weekend or maybe just a trip to the grocery store. Keep reading to discover what you should be downloading for your kids.

 photo: Jonathan McPherskesen via Flickr

1. The Candlewick Podcast
Have you ever wondered how a children’s book author comes up with all those creative ideas? Well, so did Candlewick Press. Their new podcast series pulls the curtain back and offers us an up-close and personal look at authors and illustrators. In an easy to listen to interview format, authors and illustrators share personal stories about their creative process, how they landed in the world of children’s publishing, and how they come up with unique concepts. This engaging podcast will capture your kiddos attention, and it might have you hooked too!

Hear it: candlewickpodcast.com on iTunes and Stitcher

2. Wow In The World
If you’re constantly listening to NPR, be prepared to jump up and down because NPR recently launched a podcast for kids. Wow In The World is chocked full of interesting topics like technology, human origins, and the answers to some pressing questions (like how astronauts poop in space). Not only is the show exciting and engaging for families, but it’s designed to get kids and grown-ups talking long after the podcast has ended. Now, that’s an idea that will make you say “Wow!”

Hear it: npr.org/podcasts/510321/wow-in-the-world on iTunes and Stitcher

photo: Tim Samoff via Flickr

3. Stories Podcast
Hit download on this magical storytelling podcast and hear all the classics like Snow White and The Boy Who Cried Wolf, as well as unique stories from the author Daniel Hinds, about mermaids, dragons and more. With new episodes to play each week and dare we say, addicting series to return for, your kids will be totally hooked, We’re not making any promises here, but you may find yourself with some free time to sit back and relax or tackle your to-dos. And if you become obsessed like we did, be sure to check out the eBooks available for purchase on Stories Podcast’s website, and your kids can be happily following along with the story as it is read.

Hear it: storiespodcast.com on iTunes and Stitcher

photo: Eric Peacock via Flickr

4. Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child
Whether you’ve already got indie music-loving minis in your crew or if you’re desperately searching for kiddie tunes that won’t drive you totally nuts, Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child is a solid choice for listening ears of all ages. This family music show is produced and hosted by Bill Childs along with his own two kids, using studio quality sound played in weekly, hour-long sets. Your gang will love rockin’ to the best kindie bands around, like Dan Zanes, Caspar Babypants, and Recess Monkeys. They’ve even got some of our favorites including Ziggy Marley, The Replacements, Ella Fitzgerald and more.

Hear it: sparetherock.com on iTunes and Stitcher

5. Sparkle Stories
Sparkle up! If you’re striving for a peaceful and relaxing road trip, calming tales from Sparkle Stories is a must. Storyteller and author David Sewell McCann tells original fables with moral twists (think realistic kids handling everyday issues like sibling rivalry) hidden deep enough in the narrative your little listeners won’t even know they’re learning. A handful of episodes can be heard from your favorite podcast app or purchase a $15 per month subscription from Sparkle Stories website and gain access to a library of over 900 titles (psst...they’ve even got their own app for Apple devices to make it easier for you to listen).

Hear itsparklestories.com on iTunes and Stitcher 

Do you and your kids have a favorite road trip podcast? Tell us which one in the Comments below.

— Meredith Mortensen,  Rachael Brandon, Shahrzad Warkentin

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