Spring at Trader Joe’s brings the cutest plants and lemon everything

Warmer weather, beautiful blooms, tasty treats—that’s right, spring is almost springing! In typical fashion, there are tons of new Trader Joe’s items for the season that will have you more than ready to make a grocery run. With all the lemon products hitting the shelves, we can tell that TJ’s is all in. There are even a few products perfect for school lunches on the list.

Assorted Foliage in a Bunny

Trader Joe's spring products

These cuties are a top pick for spring every year, and you’ll want to grab one before your store sells out for the season. They come with a variety of plant options so you might have to get yourself a colony.


Candy Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds

These dark chocolate covered almonds are some of Trader Joe's new items for spring

These babies are cute enough for Easter baskets but tasty enough to keep for yourself. They tend to sell out well before the holiday, so snag now before they hop away.


Gourmet Jelly Beans

Trader Joe's spring products

Just in time for Easter basket stuffing, these big bags of gourmet jelly beans have hit the shelves. You’ll love that they have no artificial colors or flavors. The kids will just love them, period.


Peas & Carrots Sour Gummy Candies

Trader Joe's spring products

You’ll definitely be able to get the kids to eat their peas and carrots when they come in gummy form. The peas are like sour Skittles and the carrots are a traditional sour gummy candy. Yes, we tried them so that we could report back (that’s the official story, at least).


Pastel Hyacinths

Trader Joe's spring products

If you’re heading to a spring party this weekend, bring along one of these colorful hyacinths. They’ll dress up any doorstep!


Cheery Lemon Animal Crackers

Trader Joe's spring products

We’ve never seen these cuties on the shelves before and we know that the kids will go wild to find them in their lunchbox this spring.


Raspberry Kringle

Trader Joe's spring products

Either you love Kringles or you LOVE Kringles. There’s no in-between. The spring flavor is raspberry and it tops our list for sure. Perfect for breakfast or to share as an after-school snack.


Lemon Mini Sheet Cake

Trader Joe's spring products

We don’t blame you if this is one of those treats that you don’t share with the kids. You can always find the vanilla version of this cake at Trader Joe’s but the lemon sheet cake is our favorite. It packs just the right amount of sour/sweet punch.


Springle Jangle

The spring version of this holiday snack mix is cute to have in a bowl for the next party you are planning. It is a mix of yogurt-coated pretzels, butter toffee peanuts, milk and dark chocolate peanut butter cups, broken pieces of dark chocolate Joe-Joe’s, and nonpareils.


Scented Candle Trio

Trader Joe's spring products

We’re a sucker for all the candles at Trader Joe’s and this one instantly made its way into our cart. You’ll get tiny tins of raspberry/rose, rhubarb/bamboo, and lemon verbena. The lemon is our favorite, naturally.


Mini Succulents

Trader Joe's spring products

Is it wrong to buy a succulent every time you visit Trader Joe’s? We think not. These cuties were looking extra spring-like with tiny flowers sprouting out of them. Just what you need to get you through the last dreary months before summer comes around.

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