Dinner in the time of Corona. You can’t dine in, but you can take out. And so, we asked more than a dozen foodie parents—chefs, cookbook authors, restaurateurs and more—the local restaurants they go to for delicious delivery these days. (We also found out the NYC restaurant they can’t wait to go to with their kids when they can.) Plus: ways you can support local restaurants. Read on, and order in!

Erik Ramirez: Chef and Managing Partner of Llama Inn

Erik Ramirez

Where: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Kids: Two, ages 6 and 4

Order-In Now: “The best way to support our local NYC restaurants is through Summerlong Supper Club. Llama Inn has joined with 15 incredible restaurants to offer a one-of-kind 16-dinner club subscription where 100 percent of sales go directly to us, the restaurants. But availability is limited so it’s something you'll want to jump on quickly.”

Dine-In Later:Amazzacaffe. It’s a small neighborhood Italian restaurant in Williamsburg. It’s a 10-minute walk from Llama Inn. The food and vibe are great. I like going there after work. Can’t wait to go back.”

Tina Chiu-Maes, Owner, Gaddy Lane

Tina Chiu-Maes

Where: Kensington`, Brooklyn

Kids: Two, ages 4 and 1 1/2

Order-in now: "Now that we work in Industry City, we have been stopping by the stalls at Japan Village. Our kids especially love the udon at Gohei there."

Dine-in later: "For meals to look forward to when all this is over, Ugly Baby on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens is a top contender. We look forward to sitting elbow-to-elbow with other diners in their cozy space while sweating and panting over their incredibly delicious, incredibly spicy Thai food. We're also looking forward to Korean bbq for the delicious food and the family-style aspect of cooking and eating around a grill. For that, we can't wait to return to Mapo BBQ  in Queens and Insa in the Gowanus."

Katie Workman: Creator of the mom100 website, author of Mom 100 Dinner Solved

Katie Workman

Where: Upper East Side

Kids: Two

Order-In Now: “Anything local like bagels and salmon from Zabar’s, Zucker’s or Sables. Ice cream from Sugar Hill Creamery in Harlem. If there’s a cheesecake you love from a restaurant you used to go to, order that and pick it up for holiday dessert or Flan from your favorite Mexican restaurant.”

Dine-In Later: “Every single sushi restaurant in NYC in alphabetical order or maybe in order of distance from my home!”

Gail Simmons: Food expert, cookbook author, judge on Top Chef and host of Top Chef Amateurs

Gail Simmons

Where: Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Kids: Two, ages 2.5 and 7

Order-In Now: “Any and every local independent restaurant, diner, bakery and coffee shop is worth supporting this winter, so pick up or get delivery as often as you’re able. I’ll be grabbing hot cocoa with the kids when we are out at the park, getting our favorite pizza or dumplings for dinner once a week, picking up from the outstanding Sichuan and Thai restaurants down the street on the way home from weekend errands and ordering great bread and pastries from the multitude of bakeries in my neighborhood and beyond. The best thing about living in New York City is the ability to curb any imaginable craving, from Malaysian Nasi Lemek to Polish Perogies, at the click of a button, and/or a short walk or drive for curbside pickup. So let your favorite spots know you love them. This winter, it's about take out!”

Dine-In Later: “When life allows, we can't wait to get back to Insa in Gowanus with our kids and friends! We all adore their mandu (dumplings), Korean fried chicken, Japche noodles, Bibimbop and Bulgogi and our daughter loves to help cook on the table grill. We can’t wait to then take over one of the karaoke rooms in the back for lots of silliness, singing and celebration (and maybe a few adult cocktails!).” 

Debbie Koenig: Creator of The Family Plan, a meal-planning newsletter for parents

Debbie Koenig

Where: Sunnyside, Queens

Kids: One, 14

Order-In Now: “My neighborhood just started a drive to get everyone to make a pledge: If we can afford it, we’ll spend $25 per person each week at local restaurants. We’ll be ordering plenty of pizza, ramen, Middle Eastern food, and momos (Tibetan dumplings, yum).”

Dine-In Later: “My kid is colossally picky, so finding a place we all enjoy can be tricky. During lockdown, we discovered Momo Crave—he’ll eat the fried momo and the chicken wings, which is pretty miraculous. We’ve been ordering from there regularly, but we haven’t set foot inside yet. I can’t wait to go in person!”

Bjorn Boettcher, Co-Owner, Der Pioneer

Where: Kensington

Kids: 3, sons ages 19 and 9, and a 6 six-year-old girl

Order-in now: "Restaurants where we like to order are Werkstatt, La Loba Cantina, Le Paddock and Thai Farm Kitchen."

Dine-in later: "Maison Yaki when indoor seating will be available again. My favorite dish is the okonomi yaki."

Petrushka Bazin Larsen and Nick Larsen:  Owners, Sugar Hill Creamery

Petrushka Bazin Larsen & Nick Larsen

Where: Harlem

Kids: Three, 8, 4 and 2

Order-In Now: “Most people know us for our Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream, which we call "Chairperson of the Board," and our "Harlem Sweeties" flavor, which is a salted caramel ice cream that includes brownie pieces and butterscotch morsels. Ice cream in winter is never a bad idea!”

Dine-In Later: “We love pizza pies from the Patsy’s in East Harlem, so we’ll probably head there for a pie with minced garlic and a separate one with pepperoni.”

Adam Caslow: Co-CEO, Acme Smoked Fish Corporation

Adam Caslow

Where: Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Kids: One, nine months

Order-In Now: “We are new to Fort Greene and have enjoyed outdoor dining at places like Walter's, Evelina and Miss Ada. However, we’ve also discovered many new restaurants that deliver to us like the spectacular Claro BK. One idea: Try ordering in from restaurants beyond your typical walking radius–it opens up lots of options.”

Dine-In Later: “I’m looking forward to going out with bigger groups of friends and their kids all together. Burgers, beers and apps spread over a large table at Mel’s Burger Bar with a mess of kids and adults laughing and playing together–it’s already making me smile.”

Matt Pomerantz & Alixx Schottland: Owner Zucker’s Bagels and Smoked Fish/Over the Rainbow Entertainment

Matt Pomerantz & Alixx Schottland

Where: Tribeca 

Kids: Two, 18 and 21

Order-In Now:Zucker’s of course. For the classic bagel lover our go-to is the Traditional with Nova Scotia salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, red onions and capers on an everything bagel. We also love to order from Locanda Verde and American Cut Steakhouse—two neighborhood gems with amazing food and decadent desserts.”

Dine-In Later:Odeon is a classic that’s stylish, super kid-friendly and a real downtown institution. The food is delicious and the vibe is always low-key cool. We love the French onion soup and the boys love the tuna burger and the steak frites! We love Pizza Bungalow in the Flatiron area and we will also go running back to Marc Forgione for the amazing farm-to-table experience. The super comforting chicken under a brick and 28-oz tomahawk steak are two of our favorites along with the incredible hospitality from Chef Forgione and his team. Go hungry!”

Dana Bowen: co-founder, The Dynamite Shop, a Brooklyn-based cooking school for kids that now hosts classes online

Dana Bowen

Where: Greenwood, Brooklyn

Kids: One, 15

Order-In Now: ‘Fresh homemade pasta from Pasta Louise in Park Slope. They even do great fun kits where you get the pasta, sauce (they have many!) and bottle of wine. Do yourself a favor and opt in for the local burrata and prosciutto add-on. This is an amazing mom-owned business and women-led kitchen: they’ve been thriving during the pandemic with their outdoor dining and takeaway, and their food is exactly what we need right now. Comfort carbs!”

Dine-In Later: “The last place we ate indoors will also be our first: Fonda, Roberto Santibanez’s amazing Mexican restaurant in Park Slope. We are so lucky to have such a gem in our neighborhood: Our family dreams about his mole and stacks of fresh tortillas. And queso fundido with chorizo, because, who doesn’t love a hot plate of melted cheese!”

Sara Kate Gillingham: co-founder, The Dynamite Shop

Sara Kate Gillingham

Where: Bed-Stuy

Kids: One, 13

Order-In Now: “I like to order Chirashi (rice bowls) from Silver Rice in Crown Heights when I want something light but comforting. Their Miso Udon soup is great, too. I am also really loving that some of my favorite restaurants have pre-prepped ingredients for sale. I recently picked up a beautiful salad and some frozen ricotta cavatelli and sauce from Roman’s in Fort Greene. It was dinner for two nights and almost made me feel like I was eating there again.”

Dine-In Later: “Wherever I can get a seat! I suspect and hope those who can afford it will want to support their neighborhood restaurants. Roman’s is big one for us. I’ve been going there for many years and want to see them make it through. I love Hart’s right near the Franklin Avenue C stop and Samurai Papa for really superb ramen on Lafayette. There are also many wonderful black-owned restaurants in my neighborhood and it’s important to support them—and it’s easy to since I love the food—so I’ll be visiting places like Peaches HotHouse a lot.”

—Lambeth Hochwald


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