These candy stores in NYC have what you crave for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and if you’ve got kids you know they’re expecting at least a little something sweet from you to celebrate (hey, it can’t be organic veggies all the time, right?). Luckily, we know just the place for you to find goodies for your sweethearts, both big and small. In fact, we know several places to get any kind of candy or chocolate you might desire—we’re talking fine chocolates, bulk candy, vintage candy, Swedish candy, and more. So the next time you’re in need of a sugar fix, head to one of these candy stores in NYC.

Looking for other Valentine’s Day treats around the city? Find something sweet at one of our favorite donut spots, ice cream shops, or cake bakeries.

Where to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Brooklyn

1. Fferins of Brooklyn


Located on Park Slope’s Seventh Avenue, Fferins of Brooklyn packs a wide variety of goodies into a relatively small storefront. Its eclectic and far-reaching offerings include nostalgia candy (Pop Rocks, candy necklaces, Astropops, and more), British imports (Aero Bar, Cadbury Flake, Wispa Gold), and artisanal treats for sophisticated palettes. Plus: Harry Potter candy, uncommon beverages (Bob Ross Energy Drink anyone?), and bulk candy for pick and mix also line the shelves.

438 7th Ave.
Park Slope

2. Williams Candy

This Coney Island institution has been serving up candy apples in the Big Apple for over 75 years. It’s hard to pass up a candy apple with rainbow sprinkles to eat along the boardwalk. But if apples aren’t your thing, you can also count on Williams for lollipops, fudge, and ice cream to get you through.

1318 Surf Ave.
Coney Island

Best Candy Shops in Manhattan

3. Economy Candy

Arguably the definitive NYC candy shop, the Lower East Side’s Economy Candy is an institution established in 1937. This “Nosher’s Paradise of the Lower East Side” stocks over 2,000 kinds of candy and other goodies that you’ll find packed floor-to-ceiling. Whether you’re looking for the newest treat on the candy scene, nostalgic candy brands from decades past or an incredible selection of vintage trading cards from shows and movies like Alf, E.T., and Mork & Mindy, you can find it here.

Insider Tip: If you’re overwhelmed by the jam-packed layout, try Economy Candy’s online store, where you can search candies by hue to get perfectly color-coordinated hauls.

108 Rivington St.
Lower East Side

4. Sour Patch Kids NYC

While it’s not a longstanding, beloved New York institution, if your child loves Sour Patch Kids, Sour Patch Kids NYC could be a fun outing. Yes, it’s a huge store dedicated to those tart tykes, with every flavor and type for sale, as well as over-the-top creations (ice cream, waffles, etc.) at the “Sweets Bar.” Lots of SP merch is for sale as well, and you can hop in the Sour Patch NYC cab for a photo op before you leave.

665 Broadway
Greenwich Village

5. Dylan’s Candy Bar

You’ll find Dylan’s Candy Bar locations all over the country now, but the company, brainchild of Dylan Lauren, debuted in NYC in 2001. The NYC store is located in Hudson Yards and features the brand’s stylish and wildly colorful, candy-centric aesthetic. All the candy bases are covered here: bulk, chocolate, lollipops, gummies, sours, nostalgia, and more, but Dylan’s is also a good spot to hit for candy gifts with a little extra, such as chic treat-filled “tackle boxes”, special Valentine’s collections and pops, and over-the-top candy towers, candy “cakes,” and even a chocolate “bash cake” filled with confections. They can also whip up a DIY Candy Buffet for your next party.

20 Hudson Yards, 4th Floor
34th St., between 10th & 11th Avenues
Hudson Yards

Swedish Candy Is What This Manhattan Candy Store Is all About

6. Bon Bon: A Swedish Candy Co.

While Swedish candy store Sockerbit is no more, Bon Bon (“A Swedish Candy Co.”) is open to satisfy all of your Swede candy needs and more. Gummy creations such as Swedish Fish are of course on the menu, with a selection of fish from popular maker Kolsvart offered. Plus: Swedish lollipops, gum, beverages, and even Swedish delicacies. Bon Bon’s mixes are fun and festive, with curated collections of sweet, sour, jelly/marshmallow, and even gluten-free and vegan. Good news if you’re the type to crave Swedish sweets after bedtime (or at least the kids’ bedtimes)—Bon Bon is open til midnight.

Good to Know: They also have a shop in Brooklyn.

130 Allen St.
Lower East Side

Best Chocolate Shop in Queens

7. Aigner Chocolates

Another NYC institution, Forest Hills’ Aigner Chocolates is widely recognized as producing some of the finest chocolate in the city. Founded in 1930, the shop creates its Austrian chocolate using time-tested recipes and vintage machines. Valentine’s Day is a big deal here, of course, and Aigner’s offers a wide range of chocolate treats and pops in shapes and flavors of all kinds. The bedazzled chocolate video game controller is sure to win your gamer’s heart, and you can’t go wrong with a sprinkle stripe pop.

103-02 Metropolitan Ave.
Forest Hills

Find the Candy You Need at This Staten Island Favorite

8. Philip’s Candy

The exterior may not be much to look at, but Philip’s Candy is a local favorite in Northern Staten Island. The Staten Island extension to the now-closed “Coney Island’s Oldest Candy Shop,”—it was founded in 1930—Philip’s has a quiet mom-and-pop atmosphere, an old timey charm, and lovingly crafted chocolates and candies. Signature treats include fresh fruit hand-dipped in melted chocolate, chocolate-covered marzipan and graham crackers, and flavored popcorn. Just remember they’re closed Mondays.

8 Barrett Ave.
Staten Island

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