As we all have learned over the past few months, working from home, social distancing and homeschooling can be isolating and overwhelming. One of the only things that makes it bearable is knowing that everyone else is dealing with the same issues. Which is why staying connected online is a necessity these days. To help, we’ve found almost 30 NYC parenting Facebook groups you can join to reach out and connect with other parents in your community, whatever, and wherever that is. Read on to find that support, shared knowledge and camaraderie are just a few clicks away in a local online group for parents. (P.S. not all groups have Facebook pages: find more NYC parenting groups here!)

Facebook Groups for Manhattan Parents

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Chelsea Mommas, 2.0K members
Open to moms and families in general, head here for happenings in the nabe, recs and community. 

Harlem Moms, 2.2K members
A private group for uptown moms offering the scoop on events, activities, classes and more.

Hudson River Park Mommas, 2.1K members
A public group for parents in lower Manhattan neighborhoods, HRPM is a place for info, support, helpful programming on all kinds of parenting issues and more.

Madison Square Park Moms, 6K members 
A private group with 6000 members, this active forum is a place to to ask questions, find kid activities and events, share experiences, milestones, and frustrations, and post important info such as safety issues, recalls, great deals, etc.

Manhattan Freecycle, 2.4K members
Give, receive, all for free. 

Manhattan Twins  NYC, 1.3K members
Got double the trouble (or twice the love?). This private group of parents with twins in Manhattan will share wisdom, tips, and photos.

NYC Moms- Upper East Side, 21.4K members
Safe place for moms on the UES to connect with local parents.

NYC Moms-Lower East Side/East Village/Lower Manhattan, 2.5K members
Downtown ladies on the east side connect here for tips, advice, activities and community. 

Parenting in Tribeca, 2.3K members
A public group for families in the downtown area, "because it's all about tribes."

Upper East and Upper West Side, 5.1K members 
One of the newer NYC parent Facebook groups (it was founded in 2018), this group still boasts over 5000 members. Head here to network, buy, sell, swap, get recs and advice and more. 

Upper East Side Moms, 39K members
With almost 40,000 members, UES Mommas is a wealth of knowledge, support, referrals and recommendations. (It's also not without its disagreements between members, which have sometimes led to the group suspending activity temporarily.) Still, that's a lot of mom brain to pick and the members just keep coming to this private Facebook group.

Upper West Side Mammas, 19K members
Similar to the Upper East Side group, but for the UWS.

Washington Heights/Inwood Moms, 2.3K members 
Moms in this northern nabe can find and help each other here. 

Facebook Groups for Brooklyn Parents

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Bay Ridge Parents, 6.9K members
This private moderated group is a place where area parents can talk schools, events, local businesses, kids items for sale, parenting or other family-related advice, plus advice or steam-releasing vents about living and parenting in Bay Ridge. 

Bed Stuy Parents, 2.7K members
Connect online with other parents in Bed-Stuy with this private group.

Brooklyn Baby Hui, 4K members
Parents from the neighborhoods of North Brooklyn (Williamsburg, Greenpoint) share experiences, resources and stories to empower each other in this private group. (It's pronounced "Hoo-ee.")

Brooklyn NY Freecycle, 3.2K members 
Great for getting and giving, this site facilitates passing along items and keeping them out of landfills. Swapping is also allowed, but NO money should change hands.

Brooklyn Bridge Parents, 1.9K members
Join this public group for news and info for parents in Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and DUMBO.

Ditmas Park Families, 3.2K members
Connect with other families in the neighborhood on just about everything, from class recs to restaurants reviews, day trips, swapping and selling. 

DUMBO Moms, 2.2K members
A private group for moms of all kinds—new, experienced, etc—to share info, recs, frustrations, etc. 

Parents Around the Hill, 1.2 K members
Connect with other families in the Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy neighborhoods with this group. 

Park Slope Parents, 8.3K members
Despite its name, this Facebook group for the longtime popular Brooklyn parenting resource is open and visible to all families in Brooklyn. To access all the resources of the group, join Park Slope Parents for a reasonable annual fee. 

Windsor Terrace/Kensington Parents, 1.1K members 
Parents and soon-to-be parents can buy/sell/swap, share tips and recommendations and more in this group. 

Facebook Groups for Queens Parents

Queens County Corn Maze via Yabome M.K. Casper
Yabome M.K. Casper

BushRidge Parents, 2.6K Members  
Yes, this is a Brooklyn/Queens group, as the parents in Bushwick in Brooklyn and Ridgewood in Queens are close neighbors and hang together.  Connect, share info and support, and let each other know about local events and issues here.  

Forest Hills Parents, 10.7K members
Join the army of parents in Forest Hills at this Facebook page, for all things parenting in the area. P.S. There's a smaller, Progressive Parents of Forest Hills group here

Mommies of Long Island City, 3.3K members
For recs, advice and community in this booming area, head here. 

MOMally Parenting, 6.3 members
An offshoot of the MOMally Astoria page (which is more focused on reducing parenting anxiety), this group is the place to come with parenting questions and to receive support from area parents. Another option in the area is Astoria, NY Families, which has 4.6K members. 

Sunnyside Moms, 3K members
A private group for parents in the Sunnyside and Woodside communities, this group is open to parents of all kinds, including if your baby "was delivered to you by an alien." (They obviously have a sense of humor!)

Facebook Groups for Bronx Parents


Bronx Moms, 1.7K members
Head here to join a group of like-minded moms in the Bronx sharing everything from parenting tips, events, free stuff and funny stories. 

Bronx & Westchester Moms Group, 6.2K members
These moms may technically live in different cities, but they are close neighbors. Join this private group for info on area happenings, advice and supports. 

Facebook Groups for Staten Island Parents

Staten Island Children's Museum

Staten Island Moms & Dads, 6K members
One of the largest Staten Island parenting groups with 6,000 members, offering info on what's happening on the island for area families. 

Staten Island Moms, 2.1K members 
Join this public group for resources, support and buying and selling among Staten Island mothers. 

Staten Island Parents of Special Needs Children, 2.5K members 
A group created to help parents navigate the educational system, and offer support, info, and socialization.

Specialty Facebook Groups for NYC Parents

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LGBTQ+ Moms, 2.9K members
This private group for mothers of LGBTQ+ kids is a place to come together online and share in their daily experiences of motherhood.

NYC Dads Group, 4K members
A popular online place for NYC dads sharing events, tips, discussions and more. 

NYC Parents of Kiddies with Special Needs, 2.6K members 
This is a private group for NYC parents of kids who have special needs, ranging from very minor speech/language/OT, to severe. Parents can ask questions, as well as share ideas and resources, and receive support from fellow members.

New Moms in NYC, 17.6K members
Connect early (and often) with this group for new NYC mothers. 

Bilingual Families of NYC, 2.3K members
Connect, get info, schedule playdates and more.

Single Parents By Choice, 200+ members
A private group for those parents who had a child without a partner.

New York Adoptive, Foster and Kinship Parenting Support Group, 1.3k members
A private group for families and parents with adopted or fostered kids, or those taking care of a child through kinship. 

The Parents & Nannies of NYC, 5.2k members
A private group created to connect families with nannies and nannies with families. 

—Mimi O’Connor


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