Ear You Go! Amazing Corn Mazes Near NYC

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One of our favorite things to do in the fall is to tackle a good corn maze—where getting lost is part of the fun! Local farms near NYC break out new designs every year, and fall 2021 does not disappoint! We found the best corn mazes near NYC with designs featuring everything from Andy Warhol’s “Cow” and an orchid to The Wizard of Oz and the Mario Brothers!

photo: Queens County Farm Museum

Queens County Farm Museum

The Amazing Maize Maze is the only corn maze that you can get to without leaving the city. This year, the farm has mixed pop-corn with pop-art, by turning their corn field into a rendition of Andy Warhol's "Cow." All maze explorations begin with a "Stalk Talk" so visitors know what to expect. Then, you follow clues and complete puzzles to get through the three-acre maze. At the end of the maze, you'll find yourself at the overlook bridge, where you can see the full design from above. 

Plus, on three special days, you can run the maze by moonlight! On October 2, 23, and 28, the maze will be available to explore with the extra challenge of darkness. The moonlight maze will run in two sessions, from 5:30 to 7:30, and from 7:30 to 9:30. Tickets are a few dollars more expensive ($15 for adults and $10 for kids) and advance registration is required. 

While you're out exploring the farm and its amazing maze, stop by the pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect pumpkin for your jack-o-lantern (price varies by pumpkin size). 

Price: $12/adult, $8/child ages 4–11, free for ages 3 and under
73-50 Little Neck Pkwy.
Floral Park, NY
Online: queensfarm.org

photo: Ort Farm

Ort Farms

The Ort Farms maze is an impressive six acres and take about half an hour to complete. This year, the maze is dedicated to the Long Valley Food Pantry, which provides free meals to those who need them in Long Valley, NJ.  

The farm also offers apple picking at $6 for 1/4 peck or $11 for 1/2 peck, and pumpkin picking at $0.70 per pound. Plus, visit on weekends for a full farm experience, featuring all sorts of rides: train, pony, hay, and even monster truck rides!   

Price: $8
25 Bartley Rd.
Long Valley, NJ
Online: ortfarms.com

photo: Alstede Farms

Alstede Farms

A family-owned 600-acre farm, Alstede Farms has not one, not two, but three mazes for fall fun: a corn maze, a sunflower maze and an evergreen maze. The corn maze includes fun facts about the maze's theme (which changes annually), and for thrillseekers, you can tackle it at night by the light of a flashlight with a Harvest Moon Hayride. 

Bonus: all are included with pick-your-own admission (advance purchase required).

Price: Starting at $19.99, price varies based on container size
1 Alstede Farms Ln.
Chester, NJ
Online: alstedefarms.com

photo: Von Thun Farms

Von Thun Farms

Von Thun Farms' corn maze has a lot going on—in a good way. (Note the farm has two locations.) This year's maze celebrates the 20th year anniversary of Spookley the square pumpkin, whose wholesome story promotes kindness and acceptance. The maze is split into two sections: one is perfect for kids and tells the story of Spookley, while the rest of the maze (the bulk of it) is for all ages. All in all, it takes about 30-45 minutes to complete the maze.

Once you're past the story section, you'll find plenty of extra fun along your walk. There are clues and riddles to keep you going the right way, funny jokes and notes, and a "Farm Scene Investigation" mystery, where you and the family can try to figure out who kidnapped Farmer Joe. 

At the South Brunswick location, you can try finding your way around in the dark, in the Moonlight Maze. Besides the maze, you can also enjoy hay rides or make s'mores by the campfire. Prices for the Moonlight Maze start at $10 (for just the maze) and up.

Price: Starting at $15.99 for general admission
519 Ridge Road
South Brunswick, NJ

438 Route 57 West
Washington, NJ
Online: vonthunfarms.com

photo: Stony Hill Farms, John Sellers

Stony Hill Farms

Stony Hill Farms' "Maze Quest Corn Maze" is a whopping 10 acres! This year's theme is "Orchid Adventure" in celebration of the 100th year of the American Orchid Society, and it's a stunningly beautiful one!

The maze includes games throughout the maze, some bridges for a birds-eye view of the maze, winding paths and dead ends, as well as a "Maze Master" who'll come to your aid if you're really stumped (just seek them out or call them on the phone and they'll come to you!). 

The farm also has a miniature, one-acre corn maze for the little ones if 10 acres is a bit too much to handle. 

Stick around for pick-your-own apples and pumpkins, lots of Jersey Fresh produce and other attractions here. 

Price: Starting at $17.99, kids under 2 are free
15 North Rd.
Chester, NJ
Online: stonyhillfarms.com

photo: Happy Day Farm

Happy Day Farm

This year's 10-acre maze celebrates the 35th anniversary of Super Mario with a fun image of the Mario brothers and their dino-pal, Yoshi. It's sure to be a favorite with kids—as well as anyone who grew up on the bros! 

As you make your way through the maze, you can play a game of Maize-O-Poly by matching squares on your game board to specific spots around the corn maze. Earn as much (play) money as you can to receive the title "Farmer of the Ear." If you get stuck, you can text the "intelligent question master" for a hint—but before he helps you out, you'll need to answer a question correctly!

You can also scan posts throughout the maze to receive a picture of where you are in the maze from above. (Whoa.) 

This farm also features fall festival fun on weekends with tons of activities for kids—pig races, giant slide, hay mountain, pumpkin bowling, U-Pick sunflowers, and much more. 

Price: $20
106 Iron Ore Rd.
Manalapan, NJ
Online: happydayfarmnj.com

photo: Fairview Farm

Fairview Farm

Fairview Farms' maze is an eight-acre stroll through 10-foot-high corn and features a pretty floral design this year. If you've had enough of wandering around, take a break at one of the maze's two bridges, which provide views of the surrounding farmland, Mecox Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. Looking for some fun novelty? Little kids will enjoy making a mess in giant tractor tires filled with corn. You can also test your aim with the "corn cannon."

Of course, traditional fall goodies are also available here, like pumpkin picking, fresh produce for sale and, best of all, 20 different kinds of homemade pies!

Price: $12/adult, $10/children 11 and under, free for kids 3 and under
69 Horsemill Ln.
Bridgehampton, NY
Online: fairviewfarmatmecox.com

photo: Delaware River Railroad Excursions Corn Maze Train

Delaware River Railroad Excursions Corn Maze Train

How's this for blowing your train-crazy kid's mind?: a corn maze you get to via steam train. Yes, it's true. You'll have to drive and hour-and-a-half to get to where you board, but that's small sacrifice for pure joy. This year's maze is a cool knight on horseback, titled aptly "The Knight Train." While getting there is half the fun, once you arrive you're treated to an experience that's more interactive than the average maze. 

There are two main games you can play. In one, you're tasked with finding six podiums within the maze, then making your "corn card" with the distinct hole punch found at each of the podiums. Participants who find all six get a small prize! 

The other similarly has you finding six hidden locations in the maze and punching a special card, but this time you're looking to uncover which monster has kidnapped Boots, the farm dog! 

Due to covid, capacity on trains is still reduced to 25% and masks are required onboard. Don't forget to check the corn maze add-on when you're getting tickets, for access to this attraction. For an additional fee, in addition to the mazes, you can tour the Ol Susquehanna Gem Stone Mine and learn how to mine for gems, which you can take home.

Price: $23/adult, $16/child, $2/"lapsitters" (kids who don't need their own seat)
99 Elizabeth St.
Phillipsburg, NJ
Online: nyswths.org

photo: F & W Schmitt's Family Farm

F & W Schmitt's Family Farm

This year's corn maze theme is "The Wizard of Oz," and the spectacular seven-acre maze reflects this, complete with a giant tornado and the faces of key characters. 

The farm holds a fall fest from September 18 to October 31 this year, with a $10 admission fee getting you access to hay rides, mini golf and a playground. (The maze is an additional fee.)

For an additional fee, you can access many other attractions, including pony rides and a petting zoo, sunflower, vegetable and pumpkin picking (but no apple picking), as well as a haunted house and haunted corn trail (which you can do during the day with little ones). 

Tickets must be bought at the door only, there are no online reservations.

Price: $20
26 Pinelawn Rd.
Melville, NY
Online: schmittfarms.com

photo: Wright Family Farm

Wright Family Farm

This five-acre corn maze is the perfect length to get lost in—but not too lost. If you really need some help, though, you'll have some "Corny Passports" to consult for a hint. Two bridges provide a step up to see your surroundings, and take a breather.

Beyond the maze, you'll find pumpkin picking, a cow train ride, tube slide, pumpkin bowling and more, along with tons of photo-ops! Plus, get a little destructive with the fun apple cannons or enjoy a pony ride for an additional fee.

Price: $17 for ages 3 and up
329 Kings Highway
Warwick, NY
Online: wrightfamilyfarm.com

photo: Hank's PumpkinTown

Hank's PumpkinTown

This year, PumpkinTown is supporting a great cause with their maze: The theme is PumpkinTown Cares, in recognition of the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation, which supports breast cancer research. There are interactive elements to the maze, to keep things fresh! In one challenge, you'll learn about bees and search for six flowers hidden in the maze, with a fun trivia twist that'll either move you ahead for correct answers, or send you back for wrong ones. In another, you'll learn about Spookley the square pumpkin through a series of story boards. Plus, there are a bunch of spooky characters to find in the maze, so be on the lookout (and have your phone at the ready)!

Once you're done with those, there's an entire maze park to explore, with lots of fun attractions including three interactive corn mazes, unlimited corn train and wagon rides, a combine slide, pedal cart track, mechanical diggers, a tube slide, and much more.

Please note that due to staffing shortages this year, hours may be reduced. It's strongly recommended that you check the website or PumpkinTown's social media for the most current hours.

Price: $18 on weekends and school holidays, $12 on weekdays
240 Montauk Hwy.
Water Mill, NY
Online: hankspumpkintown.com

—Yuliya Geikhman


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