Your Stroller Is Gross: Tot Squad Is Here To Help

It is not a new complaint: your stroller or car seat is encrusted with fig bars and Goldfish, maybe some ice cream, and lots of other substances you’d rather not think about. (Ugh, that time the kid got car sick on the way home from grandma’s…) Dealing with that is the kind of thing you really want to farm out, whether it’s for a quick once-over or seriously deep clean. Baby gear services Tot Squad has been helping New York parents keep things clean (and in shape) since 2013, and now, they’ve opened their very own service center in Manhattan. We stopped by the grand opening to get the nitty gritty!

Jennifer Beall Saxton at the Tot Squad Service Center Opening. photo: Tot Squad

It’s a Dirty Job, and They’ll Do It
When MBA and entrepreneur Jennifer Beall Saxton was developing business ideas post-graduation, she was encouraged to identify something people did not want to do, and solve that problem for them.  Her findings?: “Everybody thought their stroller was dirty but didn’t have the tools or desire to deal with it,” the CEO and Founder of Tot Squad Baby Gear Services says. “Our focus is on convenience.”

Not only does Tot Squad clean strollers and car seats, they perform tune-ups and repairs, and will soon be doing certified car seat installations. 

Launched in Los Angeles in 2011, the company debuted in New York in 2013 with pickup and drop-off services, as well as pop-up events. And this month, Tot Squad opens its first brick-and-mortar service center on the lower level of all-things-babies in NYC, Chelsea’s Buy Buy Baby. (Which, by the way, is the busiest Buy Buy Baby in the country!)

photo: Tot Squad

Stop & Shop & Clean
As mentioned, Tot Squad Baby Gear Services is happy to come by your place, pick up your gear for cleaning or repair, and bring it back when the job is done.

But now you can book an appointment to bring your strollers and seats for cleaning and repairs at the Tot Squad service center in Buy Buy Baby. Drop your stuff at the appointed time, do some shopping, and swing back to find your gear issues handled.

Dedicated to using natural, non-toxic cleaners, Tot Squad has partnered with Honest, which provides all the products used during cleanings. And except for the most basic service (dubbed, “The Basics”), jobs include steam cleaning—which is already far and above what we could manage at home.

How Dirty Is It?
Prices scale according to how deep you need your clean. “The Basics”, or a 20-minute cleaning, gets you a vacuum and wipe down of hard surfaces (car seat: $29.99; single stroller: $39.99).

The most intense cleaning, “The Full Monty”, which includes the basics plus steam cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, both light and heavy stain treatment, vomit or potty accident treatment when applicable, and extensive deep cleaning and stain removal. will run you $89.99 for a car seat, and $99.99 for a single stroller. Mid range packages are the “Lotta Love” 30-minute cleaning and “The Works”, a 60-minute job.

Wheel detailing can be added to any package for $20, and Tot Squad will also clean all your gross attachments and accessories like bassinets, foot muffs, rain guards, etc.

You can also get a stroller tune-up for $100, or repair starting at $80/hour plus parts.

photo: Tot Squad

More to Consider
If you’ve got a particularly messy kid, or lots of them (and therefor lots of gear), Tot Squad also offers memberships, which provide 25 percent discounts on services and other benefits.

Hot tip: if you know someone who’s expecting you can also add a Tot Squad service package to their registry. Best baby. gift. ever.

Also: you can host a tot squad cleaning party for your next mom meet-up or event. Who needs a gift bag?

Ready to get clean? Book at appointment at or by calling 646-470-8233.

Tot Squad Baby Gear Services
Lower Level
Buy Buy Baby Chelsea
270 7th Ave.

Have you had work done by Tot Squad? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

—Mimi O’Connor


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