You’ve used hot chocolate as a bribe one too many times this winter and the charm is starting to fade. It’s time for the big guns. What else can satisfy a sweet tooth and provide a much needed indoor activity when it’s cold outside? Making s’mores, of course. While s’mores cupcakes are all the rage these days, you can still find a few places to make your own s’mores with a real (tabletop) fire and all. Here’s the go-to list of where to go when a camp fire is out of reach but you’re looking for a warming culinary adventure.

Visit the Downtown Chocolate Factory
Just steps from Union Square sits Max Brenner, the famous chocolate emporium that makes Willy Wonka look like a lightweight. Gourmands will love the pure melted chocolate and banana toffee that accompanies the Urban S’mores here. A miniature grill is also brought tableside to toast the marshmallows and make your s’mores experience authentic. Afterwards, visit Union Square Park Playground to get that sugar energy out so the commute home is a quiet one.

Max Brenner
841 Broadway
(Greenwich Village)
New York, Ny

A Cozy Experience at Così
We love a place that has a specially designed tray just for making s’mores! Così is known for delicious flatbread sandwiches, but did you know they have some killer desserts too? The s’mores platter comes with bamboo skewers and a tiny hibachi for grilling your marshmallows. Portions are generous so your gang won’t need to fight over who gets what. The best news yet – you can order the entire s’mores kit with hibachi grill, wooden tray and fixings online to replicate the cozy experience home.

Così, 27 locations throughout NYC Metropolitan Area
NY: 12 Manhattan locations, Laguardia Airport, Rye, Mount Kisco, Larchmont, and New Rochelle
NJ: 2 Jersey City locations, Morristown, Livingston, Hackensack, and Secaucus
CT: 2 Stamford locations, Greenwich, and Avon

S’mores Delivered to Your Door
If leaving your pad in the middle of winter and trekking to the perfect s’mores experience feels like too much work, bring the party home with S’more Bakery. Local s’more aficionado Sarah Warren will deliver handmade gourmet s’mores from Brooklyn right to your door. Try the S’morgasm – when a bourbon-Madagascar vanilla bean marshmallow meets cinnamon sugar and clover honey graham crackers and is spread with a layer of Callebaut semisweet chocolate ganache.

If you’re feeling fiery, turn your gas stove on or light a Sterno and roast an earl grey marshmallow to place on top of a cocoa sugar graham cracker spread with chocolate espresso ganache. Warren’s ingredients are sold separately so you can try your hand at the perfect s’mores combination at home.

S’more Bakery
Look out for S’more Bakery at Smorgasburg (April 2013)

Where do you take your kiddo when he or she want smores?

— Sarah Choi

Photo credit:
BK Bakery – S’more Bakery blog

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Kid eating s’more – Oakley Originals

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