Flip It Good: NYC Gymnastics Classes For Kids

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Did your child get struck with a serious case of Biles fever, Laurie love or Aly admiration this summer? With all the excitement of the 2016 Summer Olympics still fresh in their minds, perhaps it’s time to give gymnastics a tumble. NYC is flush with great options for babies, beginners and those who want to make a serious play for the gold. Here’s our picks for the top spots for gymnastics in Manhattan.


photo: via Chelsea Piers Field House Facebook page

Chelsea Piers
Starting with Tiny Tots general classes for babes 12 months old, Chelsea Piers also offers NYC’s youngest By Invitation Only program, “Future Stars” for 3.5 year-olds. Beginners five to 16 years old  can participate in the Developmental Gymnastics program, which introduces both the girls’ and boys’ Olympic events, before another invitation is issued to select 8-11 year-olds, who may then join the Advanced Training Class.

As you can probably tell, gymnastics are pretty hard core here. Chelsea Piers fields a seriously competitive team, which frequently places at the state and even national levels. This club’s biggest drawback is its way far west location. Unless you drive (and are lucky enough to find street parking or are willing to pay to use the garage), it’s not that convenient. Even the nearest subway drops you off a good distance from the Field House, requiring a lengthy walk or bus ride.

Chelsea Piers
62 Chelsea Piers
Online: chelseapiers.com

NYC Elite Gymnastics
Barely walking nine month olds can be Tumbling Tots at NYC Elite Gymnastics, which offers classes for any age above that, as well as boys’ and girls’ developmental teams for ages 5-9 and 9-12. In addition to the traditional apparatus, NYC Elite also houses a trampoline, a cargo net and a giant foam pit. The competitive team is By Invitation Only and is part of the official USA Gymnastics program, beginning at Level Three and going up to Level Ten. NYC Elite Gym’s girls’ team qualified for Nationals this year.

421 East 91st St.
Upper East Side
Online: www.nycelite.com
200 Riverside Blvd.
Upper West Side

44 Worth St.

The Little Gym
The exact opposite of a competitive facility, national franchise The Little Gym is all about little kids having big fun. Babies as young as four months can take classes here (as you may have guessed, Mommy still does a lot of the work in those), with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Gymnastics for boys and girls ages 6-12 also offered. Here, the focus is on age-appropriate curriculum and a gradual development of skills to go hand in hand with the child’s development outside of the gym.  Parents receive a weekly e-mail filling them in on what was covered that week, and every semester culminates with a show for families, complete with medals, the Olympic flame (paper, for safety) and musical fanfare!

Multiple locations throughout NYC
Online: thelittlegym.com

NY Kids Club
Future champions start even younger at NY Kids Club, where a class for two month olds is offered! This Infant Milestones class fosters growth through music, movement, massage, gentle stretching and tummy time. Original songs, developmentally appropriate props, and both energizing and calming infant massage techniques are used each week to stimulate auditory, visual, and physical growth. This, presumably, will lead to a child ready to take their Gym Babies class (for strapping six month olds!), followed by Gym Tots, and Gym Kids. Rather than a gym team, NY Kids Club has a Gym Club (natch). Acceptance is based on program commitment and student enthusiasm.

Multiple locations throughout NYC
Online: www.nykidsclub.com


photo: Elliot’s Classes via Yelp

Elliott’s Gymnastics Classes
If you can stand the heat, consider signing your child up for Elliot’s Gymnastics Classes, which are held outside in the summer, though they do move indoors once the weather gets nippy. Along with the usual classes, starting with a Mommy & Me for six-month-olds and moving into Intermediate Tumbling for kids 6 and up, Elliott also offers Ballet and a pre-school alternative. Want to get to know Elliot and his methods before signing up for a full session? Try his free Infant Class!Elliott’s Gymnastics
131 West 86th St.
Upper West Side
Online: elliottsclasses.com

Discovery Programs
There’s something for everyone at Discovery, including girls who just want to participate recreationally, those who want to compete at the top level they’re capable of, and those who are interested in competition, but at a slower, less intense pace. There is also a boys’ program, but it’s for kids ages 5-9 only.

Discovery Programs
251 West 100th St.
Upper West Side
Online: discoveryprograms.com


92nd St. Y
Don’t confuse your Teeny Tumblers (12-18 months) with your Tiny Tumblers (18-24 months), or your Super Tumblers (3-4 years) with the Starbursts Advanced Super Tumblers (ages 3.5-4.5 years). This program splits minute hairs to make sure your child is placed exactly at their appropriate level and, as an added bonus, offers a program for kids with developmental disabilities, as well.

92nd St. Y
1395 Lexington Ave.
Upper East Side
Online: 92y.org


photo: Columbus Gym via Yelp

Columbus Gym
Not content with just listing the physical benefits of gymnastics, Columbus Gym wants you to know that it can help your child academically. As this is NYC, where kids start getting tested at age three, they offer a Tiny Tots class for little ones 10 month olds and their caregivers… to get you both ready.

Columbus Gym
606 Colombus Ave.
Upper West Side
Online: columbusgymnyc.com

Gymtime Rhythm & Glues
The puns don’t stop with the gym name, as they also offer a class called Gym’ny Crickets. But what’s unique here is a chance to combine a gym class with cooking, sign language or cross-training for other sports. They even give you the option of creating your own combo class!

Gymtime Rhythm & Glues
1520 York Ave.
Upper East Side
Online: gymtime.net


photo: via Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation Facebook page

Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation
Why should downtown and midtown have all the fun? Uptown kids looking to tumble and flip can take boys and girls artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and even trampoline — at a cost much lower than most programs. (A Parent & Me class isn’t listed on the website, but it’s available. Contact WHF for more information.)

Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics
Riverbank State Park
679 Riverside Dr.
Upper Manhattan
Online: wendyhilliard.org

Harlem Armory
40 West 143rd St.

main photo: via Chelsea Piers Field House Facebook page

— Alina Adams


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