Buzz & Woody Have Never Looked Cuter Than in These Newborn Pics

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The much-anticipated arrival of Toy Story 4 has brought more than its fair share of related merch. From LEGO sets to ice cream, you’re bound to see Buzz and Woody just about everywhere, but this newborn photo shoot takes the fave characters to a whole new level!

Photographer Karen Hourscht of Belly Beautiful Portraits snapped oh-so-sweet pics of two newborns dressed in cutely crocheted Buzz Lightyear and Woody outfits. After posting the photos on Instagram, Hourscht’s Toy Story setup got plenty of attention.

This isn’t the first time Hourscht has photographed newborns in notable movie get-ups. Along with Buzz and Woody, the photographer has also turned babies into characters from Harry Potter:


And The Little Mermaid:

And she even created a pint-sized princess portrait:

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Belly Beautiful Portraits via Instagram 



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