News Anchor Mom ‘Reports’ on Toddler’s Sugar Rush after Visit to Grandma’s

This news anchor’s viral TikTok perfectly captures how moms change once they become grandmas

There’s just something that happens when a mom becomes a grandma. Suddenly, all the rules are out the window. Grandmas live to spoil and dote on their grandchildren—much to their grown children’s horror. And this viral TikTok shows that dynamic perfectly.

The video, posted by former TV reporter and PR professional Kayla Sullivan, shows the aftermath of her toddler son’s visit to Grandma’s house. In the clip, Sullivan is holding a Ziploc bag full of candy and using her spot-on reporter voice to talk about how her formerly strict mom is now the indulgent “Nonna” responsible for her toddler running laps around the room.

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Anyone else’s mom get soft once they became a grandparent? 😂 #parentinghumor #newsvoice #FastTwitchContest #grandma

♬ original sound – Kayla Marie Sullivan

“That’s exactly right Bob and Barb, this is the aftermath of too much sugar. Authorities are working to determine how much the toddler consumed at his Nonna’s house earlier today,” she says, as her son runs in circles around her chanting, “Nonna never says no” over and over again.

Sullivan continues, “However, I can confirm “no” was her favorite word about 20 years ago. Back to you.”

While every working parent knows how grateful you can be for a grandparent who’s always willing to babysit, Sullivan’s video perfectly captures the chaos that so often comes later, when a toddler returns home with a new outfit or a pile of new toys—or, in this case, a gallon bag full of treats with “Nonna loves you” scribbled across the front in Sharpie.

Sullivan has long been using her TikTok to create hilarious fake “news reports” where she documents the ups and downs of raising a toddler. She first used her reporter voice in a video for a challenge, but has since adopted it as a regular feature in videos where she reports from places like her bathroom (where she’s hiding from her son) or outside her toddler’s bedroom door while he screams on the other side.


I did this to myself 😭 #parentinghumor #toys #newsvoice

♬ original sound – Kayla Marie Sullivan

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