Nickelodeon’s “Corn & Peg” Is Brand New and Preschooler Approved!

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Are you ready to saddle up for a new show? Corn & Peg (produced by Nelvana Studios) is Nickelodeon’s latest addition to its preschool line-up, galloping onto the scene with everything you’d want your kids watching: considerate characters who love to do good in their “hood,” curriculum components that will set little ones up for success later on in kindergarten, and tons of fun examples of how helping the community helps us all—and makes us feel pretty heroic while doing it. Read on for all your preschooler can learn from Corn & Peg, one dynamic doing-good duo!

Who are Corn and Peg?
Only the cutest duo to grace the small screen since Peppa Pig and her little brother George stole your preschooler’s heart. Corn, a la uniCORN and Peg, a la PEGasus (why didn’t we ever think of that!), are sure to do the same as they do good in their community of Galloping Grove. With loads of energy and athleticism, Corn is the lovable jokester and Peg is a playful and big-hearted optimist. Adventure ensues whenever these steeds set out to do good deeds.

Why are they good role models for preschoolers?
You’ll love that the premise of the show is doing good for friends and other members of a diverse community, like Chef Rigatoni, Mayor Montagu, and Coach Clydesdale. It’s a great way for kids, from an early age, to see positive interactions among their peer group as well as their community at large. As Corn and Peg do good deeds, your preschoolers will have great examples of how helping out helps the great big world around them. And all “good doers” have an inspiring new superhero on the Galloping Grove block—Captain Thunderhoof!

What else will preschoolers learn from this show?
Ever notice the “kind” in “kindergarten?” When it comes to kindergarten readiness, a big theme during the preschool years, Corn & Peg makes sure kindness is a key part of what should be brought to any table. Whether kids are picking up on their colors or directions, you’ll love that loads of creativity, early math and literacy skills, health and wellness and emotional intelligence also go along with the adventures. That theme song sure is catchy, too. “Do Gooders Unite!”

Get excited about Corn & Peg by watching this fun video:


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—Jennifer Massoni Pardini