Night lights are the secret superheroes of kids’ bedrooms. They have the ability to calm, chase away monsters, and allow parents to sneak into the room without bashing a knee, and inadvertently wake a sleeping babe. And, really, the whole house can benefit from some nighttime glow. Of course, each room and each family member is going to need a different version of the best night light. From bathrooms to the kitchen to the nursery and tween bedrooms, one size definitely doesn’t fit all here.

Between bathroom trips, kitchen runs (that cold pizza isn’t going to just eat itself, right?), and checking on kids of all ages before you turn in for the night, night lights are a must. So whether you are in the market for nursery lamps, nursery lights, or even a projector, here are some of the greatest options for everyone in the whole house—and where to find them.


Best Night Light for Babies


This night light by parent-trusted brand Hatch has a trifecta of features. In addition to the soothing night light, the Hatch Rest 2nd Gen also has a sound machine and a time-to-rise setting (clutch when your baby turns into an early-rising toddler). The best part? It can be controlled from your phone so if you need to turn the brightness or music up or down, you don't have to sneak into the room and interrupt that precious sleep schedule.



Best Night Light for Middle-of-the-Night Wake-Ups


If your little one likes to get out of bed and you know, hover over your face until you wake up, this night light will help lead the way...safely. Lightweight and handy, this on-the-go night light comes with three different light settings—your kid can pick the brightness to keep them company while they make their way to you in the night. 



Best Night Light for Kids Who Need a Lightshow


This projector night light is like having your very own nightly light show, all in the comfort of your bedroom. Features include 360-degree rotation, both remote and touch control, timer setting and 12 lullaby songs. 


night lights for kids

Best Night Light for Kids Who Love Animals


For kids who love cuddling with a menagerie of animals, this sweet bunny-shaped night light will send your tot's room into cuteness overload. Features include 8 different light options, a sleep timer (but can also last 12-20 hours if needed) and is chew safe (for all those mouth-curious kids out there).


nightlights for kids
Pottery Barn Kids

Best Night Light for Big Kids


Made of ceramic, this sweet rainbow night light plugs into the outlet (so old school!) and emits just the right amount of light for those kids who need a little something something in their room.  



Best Night Light that Doubles as Wall Art

$32+ BUY NOW

Add a lot of personality and funk to your kid's room with a neon sign that not only can be used as a night light when the sun sets but also doubles as wall art. Not into dinosaurs? They have loads of pre-made signs to choose from, or, if you'd like, order a custom sign for your kid—perhaps their name in lights? 


decorative night lights for kids

Best Night Light for Tweens & Teens


Every tween and teen loves a string of fairy lights (we know, they're "too old" for night lights) but this set lights up the night with an added bonus—clear photo clips that can hold up to 50 of their favorite polaroids, postcards, notes and more.



Best Night Light for Bathroom Scaries


If they're going through a phase of bathroom scaries, or even if your older kids just hate turning on the overhead light in the middle of the night to use the restroom, this soft light plug-in LED night light is a win. Pick from 8 different colors with dawn-to-dusk sensors, so they'll never be on when they're not needed, either. This is a 2 pack, too, so you'll be able to cover more than one bathroom.



Best Night Light for Midnight Snack Runs


Whether it's a drink of water or that last slice of cake, middle-of-the-night kitchen runs are totally common. To avoid altering the neighborhood by turning on ultra-bright kitchen lights, try these strip lights under cabinets or counters. They're rechargeable and come with magnetic strips for easy install and all you have to do is pop the light off the strip when it's time to recharge. You can set them to constantly on or motion-activated.



Best Night Light to Promote Sleep for the Whole Family


From kids to their parents, these sleep-promoting night lights emit a diffused long-wavelength LED red light that promotes restful sleep and may help melatonin production. Available in a 2 pack.


—Gabby Cullen, Andie Huber, & Kate Cartia

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