After weeks of teasing and speculation on social media, ‘N Sync finally made it official: The band is back together

Millennials, this is not a drill! After weeks of posting cryptic videos and making infuriating public appearances together where they refused to confirm or deny the rumors swirling around them, the OG members of ‘N Sync have finally confirmed what we’ve all been wishing and hoping and praying for: They’re back together and making new music. Nothing is out yet, but you can pre-save one of their new songs and hear a few snippets in the trailer that just dropped for Trolls Band Together.

The first new ‘N Sync song in 20 years is called “Better Place” and we have official confirmation that it’ll be featured on the soundtrack for Trolls Band Together, but if you watch the trailer that just came out, you’ll hear some sneak previews.

The song officially drops on Sept. 29, which is when it’ll be available for digital download. Does that mean a full ‘N Sync album is coming? Well, we don’t really know yet, but we’re hoping. We’re really, really hoping.

And, um, about this new Trolls movie. It’ll follow Branch, the character voiced by ‘N Sync frontman Justin Timberlake, who has revealed he was in a boy band in his younger days that has since broken up. Now he and Poppy (Anna Kendrick) are trying to get his old band back together. Something something, art, life? Unfortunately, though, the biggest missed opportunity in history has occurred, because the other members of ‘N Sync aren’t voicing the rest of the band. Those jobs will be done by Troye Sivan, Eric André, Daveed Diggs, and Kid Cudi, which we suppose is a suitably stacked cast for us to get over it.

Trolls Band Together hits theaters on Nov. 17, and until then, we’ll be anxiously awaiting more ‘N Sync news.

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