Wishing you had the superpower to make healthy meals magically appear on your dining room table? Kick up your heels because Nurture Life delivers nutritious, ready-to-eat meals for babies, toddlers and kids straight to your door (read no more grocery shopping, meal prep or planning!). With Nurture Life, now you can serve your kids their favorite foods at lightning speed… no cape (or apron) required. Read on for how you can save the day by having meals ready when they are.

Why Choose Nurture Life?

Nurture Life takes the guesswork out of dishing up well-balanced meals to your babies and kids. No more web-surfing for recipes, label-decoding or head-scratching in the supermarket aisle over what’s for dinner. Pediatric dietitians and professional chefs teamed up to create the Nurture Life menu so that each complete meal offers the right balance of proteins, vegetables and whole grains.

Meal plans cover kids of all ages from four months to 14 years old––including options that will satisfy both picky eaters and those with more adventurous palates. Meals are shipped freshly prepared and cold, never frozen, but it’s good to know they can be frozen for up to 90 days to use at your convenience. The best part: they’re ready in three minutes or less! All you have to do is reheat the meal in the oven or microwave and serve!

What’s on the Menu?

A meal is only a success if your kiddo actually eats it, right? Nurture Life offers an appealing range of kid-friendly, pleasing food choices using organic ingredients whenever possible. Babies can munch on Braised Chicken, Garnet Yam and Carrot or spoon up Blackberry, Apple and Chia purees; toddlers can explore Harissa Chicken or Minestrone Stew; and kids can sink their teeth into Teriyaki Salmon with Brown Rice and Veggies or Turkey Stroganoff with Cheesy Polenta (to name just a few).

You’ll appreciate that meals are also clearly labeled vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free, etc. to accommodate various dietary needs and restrictions. They also steer clear of common allergens—meals are made in facilities free from any peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish.

Check out Nurture Life’s full menu.

How to Get Dinner at Your Doorstep

The Nurture Life website is a cinch to navigate. Simply subscribe to the best meal plan for your child and then choose the dishes you’d like to receive from the menu of “favorite” and “seasonal” selections in their stage of development category: babies, toddlers or kids. Nurture Life delivers the meals to your door in an insulated box that will keep the food fresh all day, even if you’re not home to receive them. There’s no commitment––you can skip weeks or cancel your service anytime. Meal plans are also flexible, letting you swap in different meals or add on any extras for playdates (or yourself!).

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Sign up online at nurturelife.com.

Hear What Others Are Saying About Nurture Life

”Absolutely fantastic! I’ve been looking for a service like Nurture Life for a long time and never found anything that would meet my expectations. Nurture Life is everything I hoped for: food for different ages and healthy, great quality products. This company saves me so much time and that’s time I get to spend playing with kids instead of in the kitchen. Thank you for given me more time with my family!”

“Best decision ever! The food is really delicious. So convenient and healthy. Takes the worry out of making sure my child is eating something real and nutritious. Takes the hassle out of meal prepping (for a working mother) and the pressure off eating for him–if he doesn’t like it or won’t eat it, my feelings aren’t hurt and I don’t feel like I wasted my time making the meal.”

“Great products, great customer service and overall great experience thus far with it! My baby loves the food and I find comfort in knowing it’s super fresh, healthy and the right food for every stage. The site is very easy to use, straightforward and user-friendly. I would recommend it to all my mom friends!”

Copy by Beth Shea; photos from Nurture Life

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