We’re Not Squiding About These Octopus Videos

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Save this for your kids because it’s a trick question: what has six arms and two legs? An octopus! These tentacled creatures appear as characters of an Oscar nominated short film, turn up in funny moments in the movie, Finding Nemo and are stars of the coolest videos out there. Scroll on to see 8 octopus videos that’ll have you ten-tickling with amusement.

This little octopus went to the market and brought a coconut home. Octopuses are known to use shells as a hiding place.

Octopuses can fit through unbelievably small holes, kind of like our little escape artists during naptime.

A love story greater than Romeo and Juliet.


The friendliest octopus ever gifts a tiny crab to his new friends.

The mimic octopus is like the magician of the ocean.

The “Kleptopus” is magnificently unique. It walks on its two legs and builds forts out of shells.

And you octopi kidding us if you didn’t laugh during this scene:

Want to learn more about these fascinating animals? Head to National Geographic for facts about their speed, home, life span and more!

— Christal Yuen