The Shamrock Shake, Chocolate Shamrock Shake, and Shamrock McFlurry are returning to McDonald’s

When it comes to seasonal treats, fall has the PSL, winter has peppermint everything, and now, with spring on its way, we can say it’s officially Shamrock Shake season. That’s right, McDonald’s has announced that its annual fan fave menu item, which has captivated tastebuds for over 50 years, will return on Feb. 20 alongside the OREO Shamrock McFlurry. It’s made with minty Shamrock Shake syrup (and OREO cookies, if you’re ordering the McFlurry) and topped with whipped cream.

Nowadays, people eagerly await the news that the bright green drink will be available for purchase, but in the beginning, the flavor of the cult-favorite shake wasn’t even mint. According to Mashed, for the first few years, the shake was “a concoction of lemon-lime sherbet, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla syrup” and was switched to the minty green a few years later. And there’s a discussion on who invented it. While the official story from McDonald’s is that it was first served in Chicago in 1970, the family of a Connecticut McDonald’s owner claims their father, Hal Rosen, created it in 1966. Either way, fans everywhere are just happy it happened.

And, while we’re excited about both of these seasonal treats, did you know there’s another option? The Chocolate Shamrock Shake. For years, it was an off-menu hack called the McLeprechaun shake, and it was a perfect blend of mint and chocolate for those who thought the original shake was just too much. In 2017, it became an official menu option for everyone.

So come the 20th, don some green (specifically in hex code color #cbf2ac) and head to your neighborhood McDonald’s to grab one of these sweet treats.





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