Online Gift Lists for Santa? Yes, Please!

Imagine this. It’s the weekend after Thanksgiving (or Halloween for you diehard holiday fans). You are sipping your favorite cozy beverage on the couch watching your favorite seasonal movie or show and your child is eagerly writing a present list for Santa/the holidays. They smile proudly and hand you a list with all sorts of misspelled toys and games. Now what? First, the anxiety of having to type this out in multiple messages or emails to friends and family settles in. Then, the anxiety of people texting you multiple times a day to see if someone already purchased a gift on the list hits. Finally, they all start asking what you want and you have to create another list to send again to all these people! 

The joy of gift giving is unmatched, but the chaos behind coordinating it can get to be a lot. That’s why we love to use to make gift giving and receiving a hundred times easier. With MyRegistry, it’s easy to shop around to add wish list items from your favorite stores like Target, Amazon, Wayfair, CB2, buybuy Baby, and many more! You can also request cash gifts and charity donations! Simply send out the Gift List link to your friends and family and relax the rest of the holiday season.

Better yet, this site isn’t just for Christmas/holiday shopping wish lists, it’s perfect for baby’s first birthday (or any birthday), Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, general wish lists, or really any other sort of event or holiday that you can think of! 

Have you already created a registry within a store’s capabilities? You are on top of it and we are so proud of you. However, you can take it a step further and import registries from other websites easily to MyRegistry to create a universal, mega registry in one location! Don’t restrict yourself to one store and don’t spam your friends and family with 3 different registry links to look at.

This holiday season, make it easy for Santa or your friends and family to get you and your kid exactly what they want. Create and share your Gift List on MyRegistry today!

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