If 2024 is the year you resolved to get your life in order, you’re in the right place. And even if you didn’t (we don’t always love resolutions, ourselves), who couldn’t use some extra TLC in the organization ideas department? Keeping our stuff tidy can be such a challenge, no matter what time of year it is. And don’t judge yourself—most of us have at least one area in our homes that are a black hole of clutter that we’ve never really been able to get our arms around.

Forget just relying on bins and label makers. These organization ideas are so dang clever, we’re a little bummed we didn’t think of them first. Most of these are versatile enough to use in virtually any room of your house and can perform under the pressure of toys, cleaning products, makeup, and whatever else tends to just gather in piles. We’ve got extra surfaces, dividers, cubbies, and then some that are just waiting to help you feel a little less…confined by all your stuff. Keep reading for our top 16 picks!

Cube Storage with Doors, Set of 12

SONGMIC on Amazon

With each one holding up to 10lbs, these modular storage cubes are pretty genius. Especially if you're a cabinet over-stuffer, the little doors keep everything from tumbling out and makes the space look a lot cleaner. We think they're excellent for playrooms and closets, but they come in black or white, so you can really use them anywhere. And, as we mentioned, they're modular, so set them up however fits your space best!

Cube Storage with Doors, Set of 12 ($49.99)—Buy Here!

HAY Recycled Colour Crates

HAY on Design Within Reach

From Denmark-based brand HAY, these stackable crates come in a ton of different colors (or 'colours', if you're feeling fancy) and 3 different sizes. Our managing editor loves them, and for this price, you can grab a few and find out why. The post-consumer recycled plastic design is also major plus!

HAY Recycled Colour Crates ($4.90)—Buy Here!

Cord Wrap Organizer, Set of 5

LncBoc on Amazon

Use the included 3M tape to pop one of these onto anything that has a long cord in need of organizing. It gives you a space to wrap the cord so it's not laying out or dragging. Available in multiple count sets.

Cord Wrap Organizer, Set of 5 ($7.99)—Buy Here!

StoveShelf Magnetic Shelf

StoveShelf on Amazon

That huge waste of space on top of your stove that won't hold anything without it falling behind the oven, never to be seen again, just got an upgrade. Available in multiple sizes and stainless steel, black, and white powder-coated finishes, the StoveShelf requires zero tools to install. Just place it on your stove and you're set!

StoveShelf Magnetic Shelf ($39.99)—Buy Here!

Mustard Made Lockers

These aren’t the rusty lockers from your high school days. Mustard Made lockers are oh-so-pretty, super practical, and really easy to build. They’re available in a bunch of fun colors, so you can mix and match and add them to any room that needs some tidying up. We’re maybe a little obsessed.

Mustard Made Lockers ($329.00+)—Buy Here!

YouCopia UpSpace Water Bottle & Travel Mug Cabinet Organizer

YouCopia on Amazon

You can only deal with water bottles and tumblers rolling around your cabinets before you start wondering if hydration is really that important (it is). This rack holds bottles and even your tumblers with handles! It comes in a 2 or 3 shelf option, and there's even a wide version of both.

YouCopia UpSpace Water Bottle & Travel Mug Cabinet Organizer ($16.99+)—Buy Here!

Tumbler Lid Organizer

ELYPRO on Amazon

There's a pretty good chance you need one of these. We're just guessing.

Tumbler Lid Organizer ($14.99)—Buy Here!

Mop & Broom Holder

Home-It on Amazon

Obviously, you don't have to use this just for mops and brooms. Anything with a handle that tends to bang around and fall and generally make you nuts can be popped into these slots and held securely out of the way.

Mop & Broom Holder ($9.99)—Buy Here!

Monitor Memo Board

MDOZQ on Amazon

If you're anything like us, you have multiple Post-Its just floating around your computer desk (hey, we're writers!). This handy little board sticks right to your monitor to display the all-important notes-to-self. There's also options for a phone holder and clipboard. 

Monitor Memo Board ($6.98)—Buy Here!

Mug Stacker 6pk

ELYPRO on Amazon

Well, these are just genius. Expandable stacking discs essentially double your cabinet space without trying to balance mugs on top of each other.

Mug Stacker 6pk ($24.99)—Buy Here!

Legging Organizer Hanger

Volnamal on Amazon

Tired of stuffing leggings into your drawers? Us, too. This leggings hanger saves so much space and lets you see your whole collection at once (even if they're all black).

Legging Organizer Hanger ($13.59)—Buy Here!

Laptop Tech Organizer

Boblau on Amazon

Just slide this organizer onto your notebook or laptop for easy carrying and slide it right back off when you're ready to use it. It even folds to stand upright so you're basically taking your whole desk with you no matter where you go!

Laptop Tech Organizer ($42.99)—Buy Here!

Expandable Under Sink Organizer

Spicy Shelf

Add more real estate to that deep dark space under your sink. This organizer expands to fit your space and essentially doubles your storage abilities in the bathroom or kitchen.

Expandable Under Sink Organizer ($24.99)—Buy Here!

Rotating Metal Storage Rack with Swing Out Shelves


Rotate this storage rack and swing out the shelves you need, then tuck them neatly back in for an organizer that'll help in any room of the house.

Rotating Metal Storage Rack with Swing Out Shelves ($79.99)—Buy Here!

Smart Drawer Organizer

Ontel on Amazon

What's not to love about this multi-level drawer organizer? From the house junk drawer to jewelry to cosmetics to silverware, you might yourself needing several of these.

Smart Drawer Organizer ($19.98)—Buy Here!

Foldable Stainless Steel Door Hook Organizer & Countertop Shelf


Who doesn't need more counter space? This shelf is perfect not just for the kitchen, but also the laundry room or bathroom.

Foldable Stainless Steel Door Hook Organizer & Countertop Shelf ($32.98)—Buy Here!


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