Osmo’s Math Wizard Cures Math Anxiety

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Do you cringe when you hear the word “math”? Or maybe you remember trying to get out of going to school because you had a multiplication test that day? Us too. Math anxiety is actually a common thing and paired with learning loss from the COVID-19 pandemic, kids (not to mention, parents) need all the support they can get. It probably won’t surprise you, but math during COVID suffered more than other subjects; since math tends to be learned at school, parents are often less equipped to help their kids with math, and it’s more challenging for teachers to engage kids in math using remote platforms. A study published in January 2020 found that 67% of teachers reported that students’ math anxiety was a problem.

Now for the good news: We’ve found a solution! Osmo is an innovative, hands-on digital learning tool that’s interactive and engaging. These games pack a learning punch, and to kids, they are just playing video games—very sneaky, Osmo, but we are into it! The big news is that the geniuses behind the brand have created Osmo’s Math Wizard to help kids ages 6-8 enjoy learning math—it’s a creative take on math curriculum-based content for first and second-graders. Read on to learn four ways that Osmo’s Math Wizard Series is the math anxiety cure you’ve been searching for.

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1. Your Kid Sets the Pace

Everyone learns differently, and being rushed to keep up with a group is not ideal when it comes to learning a new skill. Osmo’s Math Wizard is perfect for this because it’s a self-paced math game series. By combining digital gameplay with active, hands-on learning methods, kids build math confidence and understanding before moving on to the next challenge. This way, they can actually retain what they learn.

2. They're Not Being Put On the Spot in Front of Peers

A big part of anxiety is the fear of failing. Taking a risk answering a question from the teacher or being put on the spot to give an answer they are not prepared for can be embarrassing—this can lead to “I can’t!” and kids giving up. Osmo works with your kid one-on-one, guiding them along the way, even giving hints when they need them. Instead of breaking them down, Osmo’s learning system builds up their confidence and encourages their curiosity about the subject—that is no easy task for a virtual school or classroom full of peers.

Shop the whole Osmo collection, including the Math Wizard Series, now!

3. Osmo Cures Your Anxiety, Too

One of our favorite things about Osmo's Math Wizard game system is that with the help of Osmo, your kid takes the wheel when it comes to learning. That means you can kick back and relax for a bit since they don't need your help or guidance to get through these learning games! This is a series of activities they can do all on their own; in fact, it's even better if they do—it's another confidence-boosting opportunity that will keep the math scaries at bay for years to come.

4. It's FUN To Play!

If you haven't guessed it by now, Osmo's Math Wizard makes learning math an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. This series features four action-packed game boxes (two of them brand-spanking-new!). The first box, The Magical Workshop, takes kids on an adding and subtracting adventure! Brew potions with dragon claws and magic sparkles to master place value on a magical quest—add and subtract balloons to help dragons fly! Box two is Secrets of the Dragons, where they'll explore the Dragon Reserve to discover the rarest of dragons, learning how to measure their growth as they feed them to become big and strong.

Big news: Two hot new boxes were just added to the Math Wizard family! The Amazing Airships box features fantastical two mini-games. Build awesome airships to deliver packages all across Spellbarrow Port! Here's the catch: Airships need to balance their lift and the combined weight of the packages and vessel to work. In Clockwork, get ready to guide a team of quirky clockwork robots through the skies. Use your finger and your counting skills to wind up your robots just the right amount and watch them go. As you explore, more and more robots will join your cause, each bringing their unique abilities, whether it's bashing through walls, hovering over gaps, or walking upside down on the ceiling.

The second new box, The Enchanted World Games, includes two games that combine sports with math skills. In Bento Box, kids put together a magical lunch box. Players can choose from five different sports, including sprinting, pole vaulting, archery, swimming and wrestling, and help the athletes by feeding them the best combination of fruits. Add the points from the fruits you place to make the correct total. In Juice Team, teams are counting on the right blend of juice to win their trophies. Add the superfood fruits to create a magical juice, using the right combination of numbers to reach the target. Players will learn to make the same number in different ways and will need to blend wisely for maximum results. Win trophies and unlock more sports like soccer, basketball, baseball and more. 

These games build foundations of multiplication, mathematical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, strategy, mental math and more. The more they learn...eh hem...play, the more rewards they earn to unlock new worlds, trophies, gear for their dragons or airships and more, so they will always want to come back for more!

Shop the whole Osmo collection, including the Math Wizard Series, now!


—Jamie Aderski


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