Osmo’s Math Wizard Series Just Dropped All-New Boxes!

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Psst… Want to be a “cool mom”? Here’s a tip: Osmo is the hottest gaming/learning system on the market, and it’s worth all the hype and more. Osmo is an award-winning play system for iPad and Fire tablets—loved by kids, parents and educators around the world! It’s one-on-one interactive, so kids can focus, connect, learn and have a blast doing it. Numbers, math, letters, spelling, art—these games and kits have it all covered (and you can officially be off-duty as a teacher for a while.)

Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any better than this, Osmo introduces its new Math Wizard! Osmo’s Math Wizard is an active, engaging series that helps kids ages 6-8 get a better grasp on math—it’s a creative take on math curriculum-based content for first and second-graders. Rather than being put on the spot in a classroom setting, Math Wizard helps kids build confidence through self-paced gameplay and targeted hints to keep them on track. Even better: They don’t need your guidance because Osmo’s Math Wizard has your back with their kid-driven learning adventures. Read on to learn about their game boxes (two of them brand-spanking-new!) that will make learning math a fun and rewarding experience.

Shop the whole Osmo collection, including the Math Wizard Series, now!

Box 1: Math Wizard & The Magical Workshop

Imagination takes flight in this addition and subtraction adventure! Brew potions with dragon claws and magic sparkles to master place value on a mystical quest. Then, add and subtract balloons to help dragons fly! These magical games are meant to support first and second-grade math curriculum learning. Kids will learn to add and subtract up to 120, counting and place value and comparing numbers. It also comes with two extra digital games for kids to play, for a total of four games!

Box 2: Math Wizard & Secrets of the Dragons

Master measurement with Dragons! Explore the Dragon Reserve to discover the rarest of dragons, learning how to measure their growth as you feed them to become big and strong while completing your Dragon Guidebook. This mystical game is also meant to support first and second-grade math curriculum learning. Kids will learn how to use a ruler, how to use non-standard units to measure, estimating length and adding length.

Shop the whole Osmo collection, including the Math Wizard Series, now!

And now…drumroll, please…two new game boxes! Bonus: Each includes two mini-games that will keep your kid coming back for more problem-solving fun.


 *New* Box 3: Math Wizard & The Amazing Airships

Mini-Game 1: Amazing Airships

Build awesome airships to deliver packages all across Spellbarrow Port! Airships need to balance their lift with the combined weight of the packages, and the vessel in order to work. Build the airships on their mat and put them to the test in the skies of Spellbarrow Port. Collect tokens while the airship travels to its destination, and cash them in to purchase upgrades like decorations and magical trails. 

Just when you think you’ve got the hang of it, Captain Tiberius asks you to unload your cargo—use your math skills to re-calibrate your airship! Stages of the game become more and more challenging but like all Osmo games, kids go at their own pace, learning and having fun along the way.

Mini-Game 2: Clockwork

Get ready to guide a team of quirky clockwork robots through the skies of Spellbarrow Port. Use your finger and your counting skills to wind up your robots just the right amount and watch them go. As you explore, more and more robots will join your cause, each bringing their own unique abilities—whether it’s bashing through walls, hovering over gaps or walking upside down on the ceiling.

Each level has one or more magic crystals. Place your robot on a crystal, the robot powers on and you can wind it up. The more you wind up the robot, the farther it will travel. Count the number of spaces your robot needs to travel to the golden cog. As you progress in your journey, you’ll have to puzzle your way around levers, doors, springboards, traps and pitfalls to reach your goal.

What Kids Will Learn in This Bundle:

  • Reasoning Skills
  • Mental Math
  • Adding Multiple Numbers at Once
  • Strategy

Shop the whole Osmo collection, including the Math Wizard Series, now!

*New* Box 4: Math Wizard & The Enchanted World Games

Mini-Game 1: Bento Box 

In this game, you have to pack a magical lunch box. Players can choose from five different sports (including sprinting, pole vaulting, archery, swimming and wrestling) and help the athletes by feeding them the best combination of fruits. Add the points from the fruits you place to make the correct total. 

On some game levels, you can also help out the athletes with magical power-ups—the athletes of the Enchanted World Games depend on you! As you win medals, you can unlock more sports. Collect gems as you play the game, and spend them at the store to buy cool outfits in the Enchanted Store. Don’t forget to try the special power outfits - they give you super-boosts in the game!

Mini-Game 2: Juice Team

These elite teams are counting on the right blend of juice to win their trophies. It’s like Bento Box, but with teams! Add the superfood fruits to make a magical juice, using the right combination of numbers to reach the target. Players will learn to make the same number in different ways and will need to blend wisely for maximum results.

On special levels, you can play sporty mini-games to help your team to victory! Win trophies and unlock more sports like soccer, basketball, baseball and more. Once you’ve blended your way to victory, spend your hard-earned gems at the Enchanted Store to buy outfits for your team!

What Kid's Will Learn in This Bundle:

  • The Foundations of Multiplication

Shop the whole Osmo collection, including the Math Wizard Series, now!



 —Jamie Aderski


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