The BIGGEST (& Best) List of Fall Crafts, Ever

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Celebrate the season of pumpkin spice, snuggly sweaters and golden leaves by making a cornucopia of fun fall crafts with your kids. We’ve rounded up a huge list of autumn-appropriate arts and crafts that’ll keep you going all season long. Happy crafting!

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Watercolor Fall Leaf Wreath

Happiness Is Homemade

How pretty is this wreath from Happiness Is Homemade? Your kids will be amazed when you help them transform their watercolors into a gorgeous fall decor piece. Click here to find out how it’s done.

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Magnet

Today’s Creative Ideas

Get inspired by Today’s Creative Ideas to turn a few popsicle sticks into a friendly scarecrow. With a little paint and some hot glue, your little guy will be ready in no time. To get the instructions, click here.

Tin Can Pumpkins

Mixed Kreations

Repurpose your old tin cans with this amazing idea from Mixed Kreations. These shabby chic creations can even serve as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Get the scoop on how they’re made by clicking here.

Crafty Bats

Buggy and Buddy

These happy nocturnal creatures are the perfect Halloween decor for your bat cave. You might even have everything you need lying around the house, too! Fly over to the tutorial at Buggy and Buddy.

Handprint Spiders

Fun at Home with Kids

Let the kids lend a hand (or two) to create these adorable arachnids from Fun at Home with Kids. Make a new one every year to document growth! Crawl over to the blog for materials and instructions.

Halloween Rock Magnets

This Heart of Mine

This rockin’ craft from This Heart of Mine is perfect for hanging your little monster's artwork on the fridge. Check out the how-to and make a set of your favorite creatures.


halloween crafts
The Everyday Home

This Mummy Pumpkin from The Everyday Home is hauntingly cute. Perfect for trick-or-treating or outdoor decor, have your mini-mummies create their own faces for a fun pre-candy collecting project by clicking here.

Footprint Bunting


Put your left (and right) foot in to create this adorable party decor from Mama.Papa.Bubba. From ghosts to cats, candy corn and more, let the kids decorate each footprint as their favorite Halloween characters. Take a stroll over to the blog for the how-to.

Glittery Jack-o-Lantern Mason Jars

halloween crafts
The Best Ideas for Kids

We love how The Best Ideas for Kids transform tiny mason jars into shimmering jack-o-lanterns that double as candy holders and decor. Find the how-to and materials here.

Plush Ornaments

Paper and String

Perfect for older crafters who love to sew, decorate backpacks or trick-or-treating bags with smiling plush ornaments. Find the how-to and free pattern at Paper and String.

Popsicle Stick Witch

halloween crafts
Today's Creative Ideas

This googly-eyed witch from Today's Creative Ideas is wickedly cute. Part of a collection of magnets that includes a festive scarecrow and pumpkin, check out the how-to here.

Spider Headband

Fantastic Fun and Learning

Your little arachnids will love accessorizing with this wriggly headpiece from Fantastic Fun and Learning. Crawl over to the blog to find out how to make this easy Halloween craft educational as well as fun.

Sweet Suncatcher Pumpkin

Crafts on Sea

It’s a jack o'lantern that will glow all day. Decorate the windows with a vibrant “stained-glass” pumpkin. Check out the how-to at Crafts on Sea.

Corn Husk Paintbrushes

Pink Stripey Socks

Have you ever had a delish corn feast and then been left with a bunch of husks? You’re in luck because with this clever idea from Pink Stripey Socks you can whip up some DIY brushes and paint the day away. Learn more here.

Fancy Feather Painting

No Time For Flashcards

Art time can be as easy as a duck taking to water. Farm feathers paired with paint, paper, tray and tape let your little birds find their inner Picasso. Find out more from Allison over at No Time For Flashcards.

Corn-y Art

Things to Share and Remember

Roll with a little messiness on this colorful creation from Things to Share and Remember. Pluck field corn, add orange, brown and yellow paint, and let your little farmhand get to it! Find the full scoop by clicking here.

Mud Murals

Hands On As We Grow

It’s messy, but we’ll bet the farm your little one will dig mud art. You need dirt, water, and cardboard (plus an outdoor space!). Pop on over to Hands On As We Grow, where mom Jaime directs us in these muddy matters.

Corn Husk Sunflower

Sparkling Buds

Your little sunflower can create something new under the sun by re-purposing corn husks shucked from the field. Add a little sunshine with tempera paint, paper, husks and glue. This clever idea came from Dhiyana at Sparkling Buds.

Veggie-tastic Art

Buggy and Buddy

Let them play with their veggies (maybe they’ll eat more too!). Grab green paint, chop a flat surface on celery, brussels sprouts (or other pulled up crops), then stamp and stomp until the cows come home. Artful inspiration from Chelsey over at Buggy and Buddy.

Pretty Prints

kids paint
Simple Fun for Kids

Who needs a paintbrush anyways? Paint, an apple, and oh-so-much fun! This is one that you might remember from way back when you were a tot, too. Head over to Simple Fun for Kids for … well, some simple fun for kids. Literally.

Not Quite Grandma’s Apple Pie

pie craft
The Best Ideas for Kids

If your kiddos are looking for pretend play awesomeness, this craft from The Best Ideas for Kids is pretty rad. Now we're just going to need some real apple pie to go along with it.

Feed the Birds

bird feeder
Mothering with Mindfulness

Are your kids up for a little bird watching? Well, you need to attract the local flying wildlife to your yard. The kids can use fresh fruit to make a feeder that the birds will totally enjoy. Visit Mothering with Mindfulness to learn how to create your own.

A is for Apple

tree print
Crafts on Sea

Explore textures and more with this artsy apple activity! Take a look at how Crafts on Sea turned paper plates into fab fruit.

Cork Painting

The Gingerbread House

So you say you’ve got a cork or two sitting around? Put them to use, and try out this perfect-for-preschoolers fall apple art activity from The Gingerbread House. This easy art activity lets kids explore printmaking without having to take a college class in some sort of complicated medium. No screens, pricey tools or expert knowledge required.

Apple Tree Craft

tree craft
Crafts on Sea

Sometimes you just can’t grow your own apple tree. In case your mini Johnny Appleseed is interested in trees, this activity from Crafts on Sea lets them explore in a creative, crafty way.

Sparkly Apple

shiny apple
What Can We Do with Paper and Glue

A little sparkle is always welcome. Seriously. If your kiddo is obsessed with everything that shines, you know all about how inviting materials such as sequins or glitter can be. This art activity brings the sparkle—in spades. Get the steps to creating a crafty, and super-shiny apple from What Can We Do with Paper and Glue.

Yarn Apple Garland

apple garland
The Best Ideas for Kids

Go beyond the paper apple cutouts (of course, you can still make those too) and get crafty with this 3-D apple idea. Learn how to make adorable apples, all with yarn! Hang them up for your own family fall festival or use them to adorn your home as everyday décor. Get the details on how to make these artsy apples at The Best Ideas for Kids.

Negative Space

Mini Monets and Mommies

Kids can get artsy with negative space. And, of course, fall leaves. Okay, so you’re not really making art out of leaves. Your child is actually making art out of the absence of the leaves. Of course, if your creative kid wants to keep the leaves she’ll remove from her negative space painting, she can always collage them onto another piece of paper or hang them together with yarn to make a garland. Get the full instructions from Mini Monets and Mommies.

Autumn Leaf People

Thimble & Twig

Turn fall leaves into adorable little autumn friends with this cute craft. Inspire hours of pretend play (or at least an afternoon of it) with these puppet-like people who are made out of leaves. Get the complete how-to from Thimble & Twig.

Abstract Art

Mini Monets and Mommies

If your pint-sized Picasso was obsessed with the negative space leaf print, give this one from Mini Monets and Mommies a try too. It starts with the same idea (using the leaves to make negative space paintings) but adds an overlapping, abstract art aspect to it. Try it using fall colors or use a rainbow of hues. It’s totally your child’s choice. Learn how to make this easy art autumn art here.

Simple Suncatcher


Let the light shine in! Even though it’s fall, that doesn’t mean the sun is suddenly hiding behind a storm of clouds. Hey, it’s still there. And it’s streaming through your windows. Take advantage of the bright light and try this suncatcher leaf craft from Sloely.

Tree & Hand Craft

The Inspired Home

When your child’s hand become a tree trunk, what do you get? Well, in this craft you get fun fall art for kids. It’s an entire tree with an awesome autumn theme. Get the full instructions from The Inspired Home.

Colorful Crowns

Twig and Toadstool

It’s time for princess or prince pretend play. Your child can magically transform into autumn royalty with this maple leaf crown craft. Learn about this imaginative autumn art activity at Twig and Toadstool.

Crafty Critters

Powerful Mothering

Lois Ehlert’s beloved children’s book Leaf Man is the autumn-y inspiration behind this these creative little creatures. Your little artist can use fall leaves to create almost any type of fall friend that she can imagine. Get the deets at Powerful Mothering.

Leafy Lantern

Chasing Supermom

Magically transform a mason jar into a light-up lantern. This oh-so-cute craft is the perfect way to dress up your dining room table or illuminate a family fall party. Get the how-to steps from Chasing Supermom.

Forest Friends

Handmade Charlotte

Your child can create furry woodland friends—using leaves! This fab fall craft is ideal for kids who are into learning about animals, or for any child who just loves to create. Learn how your crafty kid can make these adorable creations at Handmade Charlotte.

Perfect Prints

Mini Monets and Mommies

Even though you’ve got an overabundance of beautifully hued fall leaves, some of them are…um, not some stellar. With a little tempera and some pressure from your child’s hand, she can press painted leaf prints onto construction paper, craft felt, foam or cardboard! Click here to get the details from Mini Monets and Mommies.

—Susie Foreman with Erin Lem & Erica Loop

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