These Christmas inflatables will help you create the hap-hap-happiest holiday yard on your block

Maybe we’re a little competitive. Maybe we think Clark Griswold was behaving completely reasonably. And maybe we wait all year to fill our yard with Christmas inflatables. Inflatables are easier than lights (although you don’t have to guess how much we love those, do you?), can be displayed day and night, and come in a ton of different shapes, sizes, characters, and more to match your holiday decor. They also come in options for different holidays, so if you’re into that sort of thing, you can have an inflatable for every season. Not that we would…

Naturally, we’ve rounded up the best of the best Christmas inflatables we could find so that you can show your neighbors up spread holiday cheer all season. You can pick one as a yard statement piece, if you will, or scoop up several and fill up your yard. When it comes to holiday decorations, more is more, right? You could even decide to embrace the spirit of the season and coordinate with your neighbors. Just link them to this post and start planning! No matter what, these Christmas Inflatables are going to give you all the National Lampoon’s vibes.

Archway with Santa & Snowman


Welcome everyone to your winter wonderland with this super cute 8ft archway, complete with LED lights!

Christmas Dragon

$129 BUY NOW

We can't think of a single reason to not welcome the holidays with this 9ft dragon with kaleidoscopic lights

Holiday Mando & Gorgu

$179 BUY NOW

This 6ft Mando and Gorgu inflatable is just waiting to end up in your yard. This is the way.

Sushi Santa & Penguins


Sushi Santa and penguins are on a roll.

Giant Nutcracker with Candy Cane

$150 BUY NOW

We absolutely do not think 12ft is too big for an inflatable nutcracker, no.

Santa Riding on a Dinosaur


Reindeer, dinosaurs, tomato, tomahto. 6ft of prehistoric present delivery!

Gingerbread Men with Hot Cocoa


The only cocoa that'll stay hot outside, complete with gingerbread men!

Window Leaning Elf


This guy comes with suction cups so you can position him to lean out the window of your choice!

Purple Ornament


This ornament inflatable is like a holiday disco ball.

Polar Bear & Penguin Fishing


Oh, just a polar bear and a penguin fishing for a shark.

Row of Presents


This row of gifts is a fun way to add some color without adding any characters.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Station Wagon

$196 BUY NOW

Well, this is the quintessential Christmas icon and it can be in your yard this season!

Christmas Toucan


Alexa, I need a toucan inflatable. It's for the holidays. Obviously.

Dwight from The Office


Identity theft is not a joke, Jim.

Gingerbread Trailer

$267 BUY NOW

Christmas camping can only be done in a gingerbread trailer.

Holiday Train

$1,168 BUY NOW

Or maybe in your yard, Santa prefers a 16ft train.

Snowmen Decorating Christmas Tree

$145 BUY NOW

Of course you knew Christmas trees are traditionally decorated by very small snowmen.

Santa Legs


Don't worry, he's okay!

Christmas Light Post

$142 BUY NOW

This light post inflatable has "whimsical" covered!

Floating Flamingo Santa

$140 BUY NOW

Santa's gotta relax, too!

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